I am PAWsitive you are the one

Sydney Holender

I am Positive you are the one

For the past four years, well, 28 if we're talking dog years, my life has been absolutely, totally, 100 percent, lonely and Ruff with a capital R. I mean, all I do is trip over my own four legs around the house (I'm quite lazy), sleep approximately eight hours a day, and scarf down my favorite food--puppy chow. I consider my self a family man of sorts, loyal to my owners at whatever the cost. I truly appreciate the whole clan because they brush my fur. I enjoy short walks around the lawn, chasing the local mail man, and chewing up shoes. Being hot blooded and all, I commonly overheat (occasionally spiking a fever of 103) and find the best way to cool myself down is by swinging my jowls left and right to get my own, cool, refreshing slobber all over myself (and anything else in a 12 foot radius).

As I find myself aging by the day, with my number of wrinkles increasing exponentially, if that's even possible, I would like to find someone with whom to settle down. I have such a strong, healthy relationship with other two legged creatures (i.e. the mailman), that I am pawsitive I will have an equally strong bond with the perfect, two legged bird. I really think we will complement each other. On our first date, you can even help me with one of my dreams. I really want an apple from the tree, but sadly have had minimal success reaching it. Thankfully, my future spouse has wings and can reward me with that sweet, succulent, juicy apple. You see, we are already helping each other out! Can't wait to meet you in the future.