Leif Eirikson

Leif "the Lucky" Eirikson of an unknown city in Iceland died an unknown date of 1020.

Mystery shrouds this phenomenal man's birth so it is also not known when he was born except for the fact he was born in 970.

He is known for discovering North America nearly 500 years before Christopher Columbus. Originally, he was to convert the people of Greenland to Christianity, but sailed to Vinland (now Newfoundland) to explore.

He is preceded in death by his brothers, Thorvald Eirikson and Thorstein Eirikson, sister Freydus Eireksdottir, father Erik the Red, and mother Thjóðhildr. He is survived by his wife, Thorgunna, daughter Thorgils Leifdottir, and son Thorkell Leifsson.

There will be no services as his body was lost.

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