Snapping Scapula

Snapping Scapula Syndrome

Snapping Scapula

Athletes are prone to several types of injury in spite of having an outstanding body condition, among which is the snapping scapula syndrome. The reason behind this is thattheir body motions already are habituated to the kind of sports they have been carrying out. Due to the vast activities an athlete is engaged in, the damage caused by the sport is difficult to figure out. Boxers, basketball players, football players, wrestlers, gymnasts, swimmers and MMA fighters are not safe from injury-inducing activities which involve the scapula or perhaps shoulder blade regardless of working out and also keeping in best shape.

How does Snapping Scapula Syndrome Occur?

Snapping scapula syndrome is associated with a popping sound or crack when the injured person raises up her or his arms. This is a result of the rubbing of soft tissues between the scapula and thoracic wall area. Tissues like bursa, tendon, or muscle are attached to those body structures. Interestingly, having this kind of syndrome will not cause you any kind of pain even as you move.

The factors contributing to snapping scapula syndrome are still unknown and still being studied by physicians as well as medical professionals. The alteration of the scapula's form or curve clarifies exactly why this occurs as per findings of a number of studies carried out. As a result of wear and tear throughout constant movements and activities, the regular interval eventually leads to this kind of syndrome. Other shoulder disorders such as scapular or perhaps rib fractures, bone spurs, nerve injuries which involve muscle weakness, surgery caused by breast implants, and tumor-related problems are a couple of the causes which contribute to this sort of syndrome.

How is the snapping scapula syndrome determined?

Determining snapping scapula syndrome is kind of tricky. The different types of motion, flexibility, and also stamina are usually the first things considered by the doctor attending the patient. One of the typical methods employed to determine if a patient has this scapular syndrome is through X-rays, MRI's, CT Scans, and ultrasound. After determining regardless of whether a patient has the mentioned syndrome, medications follow.

Snapping Scapula Treatment and Procedures

Physical and occupational therapists are really required in addressing snapping scapula syndrome. They base their treatment according to the patient's total posture. A concrete kind of medication is offered soon after determining that the head, neck, and shoulder are in good condition.

Overall, the very best treatment for snapping scapula syndrome is physical therapy. This is done by adding anti-inflammatory medications on the affected areas done by a physical therapist. The rehab starts from reinstating poor muscle control along with a set of specific movement patterns. If it is still inadequate, surgery will then follow.

Due to the intrusive nature of medical procedure, arthroscopy was introduced as an alternative treatment to snapping scapula syndrome. Not only is it invasive, it minimizes the chance of damage and cosmetic alterations as well.

If you have an ongoing problem along with your shoulder which you think may be related to snapping scapula syndrome, consult your doctor immediately.

Snapping scapula syndrome has been around for a long time. A snapping or grinding sensation when moving your shoulders is actually a manifestation of having this syndrome, regardless of being an athlete or not. You may not experience almost any related pain in the shoulder area whenever you move. In case you are suffering from this symptom, make contact with a physician immediately.