Nepal Water Crisis

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What Is The Population of Nepal?

The population of Nepal is over 27 million people.

What Percent of People Live Below the Poverty Line?

The Percentage of People Below the Poverty Line is 42%

What Percent of Nepalese People Have Access to Drinking Water?

Around 80% but not to safe water you can drink.

What is the Percentage of People that have Access to Basic Sanitation?

27% of people have access to basic sanitation.

Why is the Drinking Water in Nepal Often Unsafe to Drink?

The drinking water polluted and and there is waste.

Where is the Pollution in Nepal Coming from?

The pollution is coming from the untreated sewage.

If aquifers generally have cleaner water than rivers, why is the groundwater in the Terai region unavailable for the Nepalese to use?

The Terai groundwater is contaminated from arsenic.

How many children die each year from waterborne illnesses?

44,000 die each year from waterborne illnesses.

How has population growth affected the water availability from surface water sources?

The more people equals more water usage.

What are the Two Main Causes Behind Nepal’s Water Scarcity Issues?

Pollution and waste.

What are Some Solutions to Improve the Situation in Nepal?

Recycle or throw away trash so it does not end up in the water and filter the water.
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