Computer Components

By Gracie Allan

Learn all about whats in side your computer right here!

The Mother Board

This is the heart of your PC, That means everything in your computer in connected to it in someway. It is found at either the back or the bottom of your PC.
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CPU- Central Processing Unit

This holds all your data, including your pictures, documents and it is well known as the brain of the computer.
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RAM- Random Access Memory

RAM is slotted into the mother board, not plugged. It is a storage location that allows information to be stored in and access quickly.

Alan Turing and Tim Berners-Lee

Alan Turing - Born: June 23rd, 1912- Committed suicide on the 7th june, 1954

Alan Turing was a mathematician, computer scientist and a codebreaker

Alan Turing managed to crack the German Enigma code in the second world war!

Tim Berners-Lee- Born: June 8, 1955-

Tim Berners-Lee was a computer scientist

Time Berners-Lee is famous for creating the worldwide web

Extra Information

This video holds more information if your interested.
Computer System Hardware & Software.