A Book Spotlight!

By: John Wagner

About The Book

The book is call Ranger's Apprentice Book 10 The Emperor Of Nihon-Ja. The Author is John Flanagan and there is 435 pages. Plus it has the first chapter of the next book!


The main characters of this book is Horace,Will,and Halt. The setting is in a fantasy world in a contrary called Nihon-Ja. The main conflict of this book is the Senshi clan betraying the emperor and trying to kill him. The big events in this book are when the Senshi try to kill him,and when the Kikori defeated the Senshi in battle. This book is in third person.

Catch phrase

Everyone is equal.


The theme of this book and all the other books is good will always beat evil.

Personal Connection To Theme

When ever something bad happens I know I should do something about. When I forget my lunch I call my dad. When I get sick I take medicine. When I went to lunch my lunch box was there. 2 hours later I was not sick. So Good always beats evil.