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School Starts Tomorrow!!

Can you believe it dragons? The time is here. It was wonderful seeing you at Open House! Class starts tomorrow. See below for important reminders to start day one beautifully.


Ms. Salazar | Principal

PS We still have a gently used uniform shop for a small fee available that at the front office that is constantly being updated. You can trade old items in for free or pay a small amount.

School Schedule For the Year

School Year Office Hours

7:00AM to 4PM, Monday to Friday

Call 210-658-6701 to schedule any conferences with administration or ask questions.

Please email your teachers for individual conferences.


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Please pay careful attention to the information for Carline and WalkUp

This is critical for safety and a change from prior years.

Morning Arrival: In classroom by 8AM

7AM: Earliest Drop off allowed (No Charge), must park in CHURCH lot before 7:30AM and walk to office.

Walk Ups: If you would like to walk your student into the school, Parent or Guardian must park in NORTH (CHURCH ) lot and bring their student in through FRONT office.

7:30AM Car Line (Vehicle Drop Off) : If you would like to drop off, please drive through car line on SOUTH (SCHOOL) lot and drop student off at back cafeteria door. For safety, parents and guardians must remain in their vehicle and are not to park in the school lot.

8AM: Carline closes. Students should be in their classroom ready to learn. Families arriving in the parking lot at 8AM and after must park in either SCHOOL or CHURCH lot and walk the student to the front office.

Afternoon Dismissal: 15 minute window to pick up

3:00PM-3:15PM: PreKinder and Kinder Dismissal

3:15PM-3:30PM: 1st to 4th Grade Dismissal

3:30PM-3:45PM: 5th to 8th Grade Dismissal

Afternoon Walk Ups:

Available for all: Park in NORTH (Church) lot. Pick up students at annex door.

Car Line (Vehicle Pick Up):

Please drive through car line on SOUTH (School) lot and we will call students from the cafeteria. For safety, parents and guardians must remain in their vehicle and are not to park in the school lot.

Students that are not picked up 15 minutes after their dismissal time will be checked into after-school care and charged accordingly.

3:45PM: Car line will close and all students may be picked up from cafeteria by ringing the door bell.

After school care starts 15 minutes after dismissal and goes until 6PM.

Lunch Menu!

School Year Calendar

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Downloadable Copy of Calendar

School Supplies

Tuition Payments on FACTS

All of our Tuition Payments are available via FACTS. You will see a charge for your registration fee on FACTS to be deducted this month. Tuition will always be deducted on the 15th of the month unless you specify otherwise.

If you ever see any error or need clarification, please contact (Ms. Rosa) and cc Ms. Salazar at We know life happens so if there are ever any changes to your financial status or you need additional assistance, please contact Ms. Salazar immediately.

How do I set up a FACTS account to pay tuition?

Log In for FACTs Tuition Payment

School Uniforms

School Uniform Cheat Sheet

What do I wear and when? Download below! Thank you to our PTC for making this document for us.

Please be sure to visit Flynn O'Hara by the end of July to have your uniform ready for the first day!

Ways to Order Uniform and Pricing Sheet

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Daring greatly in faith, academics, and service since 1960.