Keeping up Spanish Skills all summer!

Looking to keep up your skills?

Why lose skills you've already started building? When you graduate, the need to speak a second language will be even higher! Keep up those skills during the summer and make next year's course easier. Find out how below.


If you have internet, here are a few awesome resources to keep up your skills. Using one of these for about 10-30 minutes a day will keep you sharp. Earn lingots!! ( Grammar-focused ) Do basic quiz to check your abilities. (listening comprehension with visuals) Listen and play games. ( verb practice ) Try to up your score!

If you don't have internet, here are a few practice tips. Even if you do, these are great ideas.

Ask Ms. Michel for some stories with comprehension questions.

Do a 5 minute write every other day.

Watch your favorite movies in Spanish! Most DvDs and Blu-rays now have the option to change the audio and subtitles. :) I love animated films.

Find a friend who wants to practice Spanish too and text or send Facebook messages in Spanish.

Do you like to travel? Learning another language can enhance your experience!