Industrial Revolution in the 1800s

An era of hard work but with poor paying conditions.

Who were the Lowell Girls?

The Lowell Girls were female workers that did very hard work in the industries of Lowell, Pensylvania. The leaders of the companies hired young unmarried women from local farms to work in the companies, so they would have more people doing the job and it would be more faster and easier for the bosses in there. The ages of the girls were from 10 to 25 years old and some of them were from different parts of the world like England and Canada. Many families when they knew about the five corporations getting started, they send their daughters to Lowell because they needed money to support their families.

Evolution of Transportation in the 1800s

In the 1800s, the country suffered a "Transportation Revolution" where the methods of transportation changed and people invented new ways to travel. The common ways to travel were the train and the steamboats.

The steamboats were important in the 19th century because they carried goods across the Atlantic. Also, the railroad system were an important part of the 19th century because they linked almost every major city in the Eastern United States. Thanks to this, the economy surged forward and major cities began to grow in 1800s.