Sheridan County Newsletter

July 2020

Calendar of Events

July 1 – Fair Enrollment Due

July 1 – YQCA Training Due

July 6 – Ag Society Meeting

July 6-10 – Virtual Vibes 2.0

July 8 – Upcycled T-shirt Workshop (Virtual)

July 9 – Sewing Workshop

July 9 – 4-H Council Meeting

July 13 – Fair Grounds Cleanup

July 17 – Life Skills Review

July 18 – Horse Show

July 20 – Static Judging

July 21 – Cat/Dog Show & Rabbit/Poultry Show, Beef Weigh-In

July 22 – Beef Weigh-In, All Cattle Shows, Swine/Sheep/Goat Weigh-In

July 23 –Swine Show, Cake Judging, Goat Show, Sheep Show, Buyer Bonanza, Livestock Sale, Cake/Cookie Jar Auction

July 24 – Small Animal Round Robin, Large Animal Round Robin, Packer Load Out

July 25 – Family Project Pick up


· There are still virtual and at home learning opportunities. Visit for more information.

· Panhandle 4-H is still offering summer workshops in July. Go to to learn more about the topics and projects!

· Camping spots are $50 for the week or $10 for the night and can be paid to the Ag Society at the Extension Office.

· You can find Home Environment Tags, Photography Data Tags and other supplemental project information at our Fair website:

2020 Fair Theme

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Reminder of Fairground Rules

Reminder of fairground rules

Just a reminder that families need to pick up after themselves before they leave the grounds. Also alcohol use near the 4-H show ring and during shows is prohibited, excluding the campers.

Health Measures

Sheridan County Extension Staff and the 4-H Council will be taking measures to try and help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to protect the 4-H families. We will be taking temperatures of our judges and volunteers. Volunteers and judges who cannot remain at least a 6 foot distance will be asked to wear a mask. Masks will be available but encouraging to bring your own. We will be reducing class sizes, limiting the number of animals in the ring at one time. Hand sanitizer and gloves will be available throughout the fair grounds. Even with all these precautions, there is still a chance people could get COVID-19. Nebraska Extension-Sheridan County, the Sheridan County 4-H Council, and the Sheridan County Ag Society will not be held liable if you were to get COVID-19. Families will be participating in the Sheridan County Fair at their own risk.

Procedures for Fair

-July 17-Clothing Day

  • Youth will have staggered times to drop off their exhibits at the Hay Springs Auditorium. If modeling they need to come prepared to model and will model in front of the judge and then change to leave the clothing there. We will video take them modeling and share it on Facebook for the public to view.
  • Construction Judging will take place in the afternoon without an interview.
  • Music Contest participants will video tape themselves and send the video to Marie Nelson at by Thursday, July 16th to be judged.

-July 18-Horse Show

  • Participants will stay at their trailer and staff/volunteers will walk around and check them in
  • Participants need to stay 6 feet away when they are mounted and not mounted
  • There will not be a Dummy Roping, Break-a-way, or Hippology class
  • During Aged Mares and Ages Gelding judging, youth will be separated by age division and spread out to judge the horses

-July 20-Static Day

  • Families will have a staggered drop off time from 9 to noon
  • Each alphabet group will have 30 minutes to drop off their projects
  • There will not be an interview judging portion making project record sheet completion before arriving to the fairgrounds very important.
  • Judges will utilize these sheets to help replace the interview judging piece. Youth are also encouraged but not required to complete a sheet to go with their exhibit explaining what they learned during this project, how they came up with the idea/design, and what did you change or would change in the future?
  • For food exhibits, participants only need to bring half the amount that is stated in the Fair book.

-July 21-Small Animal Shows

  • For cat showmanship, youth will be allowed to utilize a table to set up their carrier and cat. The judge will stand back a ways and judge the showmanship. If needed, the youth may have to speak through a microphone.
  • For cat confirmation, youth will place their carriers one at a time on tables and then stand back, allowing the judge to take out the cats and evaluate them herself.
  • The Dog Show will take place in the grassy area on the east side of the show ring. Youth will complete the different classes spread a part with limited number of exhibitors at a time. A microphone may be utilized to give the participants instructions.
  • Rabbit and Poultry Shows, youth will keep their animals outside of the barn in their own carriers. During showmanship, they will have access to a table to perform their presentation, while a judge stands back. They may have to use a microphone if the judge cannot hear them. For rabbit confirmation, the youth will place their rabbits in the holding boxes like normal but then will stand back away from the table. In poultry confirmation judging, participants will place their birds into cages on a table and then stand back so the judge can evaluate them on her own. Bleachers will not be available for families to sit and watch, so bring your own chairs.
  • All small animals will go home at the conclusion of the show

-July 22-Beef Show

  • Market Beef will be allowed to weigh-in on Tuesday, July 21st from 6 to 8 pm or on July 22nd from 7 to 9 am. Families that live beyond 30 miles from the fairgrounds may stall their animals overnight for the show and after the show. If families live closer than 30 miles but are showing beef and swine, they can bring their hogs early and stall them at the barn.
  • During show day, families may show off of their trailer or have access to the barns. Stalls will be divided up by family units with a space in between families. Families have the option to fit or not fit their cattle for the show but space may not be available in the barns for chutes. Not all the faucets in the wash racks will be available for use.
  • During the show exhibitors should not handshake with the judge
  • The show will start at 9:30 am with the Dairy show, then stockers and bucket calves, then breeding, next will be market, and showmanship will be last.
  • Champion photos will be limited to family only.
  • After youth exhibit their animal in the ring, they will need to walk over to the picture area to get their sale picture.
  • Families should not congregate in the barns.
  • Non-sale animals will need to leave the fairgrounds by the end of the day.
  • There will not be a livestock judging contest or fitting contest.
  • No Clover Bud Parade.

-July 23 – Pig, Goat, and Sheep Shows

  • Pigs, sheep, and goats will weigh-in from 6 to 8 pm on Wednesday night
  • Animals may stay the night but will be grouped into families with space in between. Families will also have the option of taking them home.
  • The Swine show will start at 7 am with Showmanship.
  • There will be a “to” and “from” alleyway to the show ring.
  • Youth will be required to wear a mask from the time they get their pig out of the pen until they return it to their pen as social distancing is not possible for the swine show.
  • Champion photos will be limited to family only.
  • After youth exhibit their animal in the ring and head back to the barn, they can go to the photo pen and get a picture taken.
  • Families should not congregate in the barns.
  • Non-sale animals will need to leave the fairgrounds by the end of the day.
  • Sale meal will start at 4 pm and will be held on the south side of the Dance Hall.
  • Exhibitors will show their animals in the ring but will be spaced out.
  • Cake will be a premium auction and the Cookie Jars will sell without the cookies.
  • We are hoping to stream the auction and have a call in option for buyers who do not want to be there in person.
  • The center camping spots will not be available sale night so families have some where to park and unload animals.
  • All sale animals will stay the night.
  • No Teen Dance.

-July 24 – Round Robins

  • Participants in round robins that show breeding animals will have to bring their animal back to the fairgrounds.
  • There will be only one youth member at an animal station at a time.
  • The small animal round robin will start at 10 am and the large animal round robin will start at 1 pm.
  • No Teen Dance.
  • Packers will load out animals at 5 pm.

-July 25 – Check Out Day

  • Families will pick up exhibits starting at 11 am with the same family breakdown as Monday.
  • Participants will leave state fair exhibits at the fairgrounds.
  • Ribbon packets for all shows and projects can be picked up at the 4-H office.

Sewing Workshop

This year this workshop will be held on Thursday, July 9th from 9 - 4pm at the Extension Office in Rushville. Participants will have the option to make a Woodland Animal Wall Art, or a Superhero Cape. Youth can bring their sew machine, there are also some machines available to use. The cost for this workshop is $20.

Photos for 4-H Sale

Sale photos will be taken of your sale animal, after each corresponding show. It is required to have a photo taken of your sale animal in order to sell it. It will also be the responsibility of the 4-H member to ensure a photo is taken, photographers will not track them down! 😊

Fairground Clean Up

Each year a week before County Fair, all 4-Hers are asked to come and help spruce up the fairgrounds. This year it will be on July 13th from 5 – 8 pm. This involves a lot of effort and teamwork! During the event, trash is picked up, mowing and weed trimming is completed, repairs are made, buildings painted, floors swept and dust removed. Below are the assignments for each club and the independent members.

Equipment to bring: gloves, push mowers, weed eaters, hammers, shovels, paint brushes, and brooms.

Green Valley: Beef Barn (mow and weed-eat around both beef barns, scale house, and show arena. Paint beef barn if needed)

Hooves and Hearts: Swine Barn (mow and weed-eat around building and paths to wash rack, pull weeds in stalls, check light bulbs, dig out drainage trench on west side)

Junior Leaders: 4-H Exhibit Building (sweep floors and wipe down shelves, mow and weed-eat around building, fix and help set out picnic tables)

Independents: Open Class Building (sweep floors and wipe down shelves, mow and weed-eat around building and water hydrant pad)

Albany: Sheep & Goat Barn (mow and weed-eat around sheep barn, check light bulbs and pen gates for usability, paint the sheet barn trim if needed)

Bingham Hustlers: Concession Building (sweep and mop floors, wipe and set up tables, clean kitchen and bathrooms) 4-H Office (sweep floors, and wipe down shelves, weed-eat around Office and Poultry Barn)

These work assignments are a general guide. The hope is all the projects are completed and that takes teamwork! If you cannot attend on July 13th, you are encouraged to do some work on an earlier day. Everyone’s help is needed to have our fairgrounds looking its best. Please try to make it! We owe a huge thank you to Western Sire for having some of their employees mow the grounds before the Progress Show. This always helps a ton.

Project Record Sheets at Fair Check-in

There are four different sheets depending on the project. 4-H Project Record – all static entries (food, leather, rocket, art, etc). 4-H Animal Record – market animals. 4-H Companion Animal Record – animal projects not intended for sale (dog, cat, poultry, rabbit, horse). 4-H Junior Leader Record – activities performed as a 4-H Jr Leader (mentoring, special projects, etc). Entries will not be accepted without the Project Record. Please include all costs, even it is was in your pantry.

One project record sheet can be used for projects in the same Division. Examples: all Beef projects could be recorded on one record sheet; all Cooking 401 can be recorded on one record sheet. However, Cake Decorating, and Cooking 401 will each need their own record sheet.

Bring your completed Project Record Sheets with you to the fair! You will turn them in with your projects and the judge will utilize them since there will not be interview judging. Youth are welcome to hand write the forms.

Find forms online at or at the Nebraska Extension Sheridan County Office.

Virtual Upcycled T-shirt workshop

On July 8th at 10 am, youth will utilize old t-shirts to create a tote and bracelet. To register for this free virtual workshop, visit: These projects can be taken to fair: Dept. C, Dev. 211, Class 15.

Virtual Vibes 2.0

July 6-10 @ 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM CST

Who’s ready for VIRTUAL VIBES TWO POINT OHHHHHHH!!!! Join us for this week long virtual camp as we explore a crazy-campy-fun topic each day! Which day will be your favorite?! Marvelously Sweet Monday, Float Away Tuesday, Wildly Creative Wednesday, OutdoorZy ThurZday, or Cool Fire Friday?! Connections, crafts, friends, food, experiments and more all packed into one week! Corncob and Yups will be back with their silly costumes, hilarious jokes and super fun activities! 4-H Camp on ZOOM coming straight to your living ROOM very SOON! *Adult assistance is highly encouraged for youth ages 6-7. Supply Box: Don't have the supplies? Don't worry! We're offering a Supply Box full of items participants will need for the activities plus a 4-H Camp t-shirt. Just add that to your registration, and we'll ship the Box straight to your door. Supply Boxes must be purchased by the Thursday before camp. For a list of items included in the Box, please see the supply list. Costs are $25 for 1-person box OR $50 for 4-person box. Registration: Registration closes the Friday before camp. Fees are $75 per participant OR $100 for a family of up to 4 participants.

Flag Pole, Bathroom, and Trash Duties during Fair

During Fair Week, 4-Hers help to keep the grounds and facilities looking nice. Flags should be raised by 8:00 am and lowered before sunset. Bathrooms should be cleaned (swept and fixtures wiped down) at least once per shift (mid-morning, right after lunch, and late afternoon) and paper products added as needed. Trash lying around on the grounds should be picked up and the barrels checked throughout the day. If barrels are full, they need to be dumped into the dumpsters. Supplies are in the Fair 4-H Office.

Monday afternoon – Junior Leaders

Tuesday morning – Green Valley

Tuesday afternoon – Independents

Tuesday night – Albany

Wednesday morning – Bingham Hustlers

Wednesday afternoon – Hooves and Hearts

Wednesday night – Junior Leaders

Thursday morning – Green Valley

Thursday afternoon – Independents

Thursday night – Albany

Friday morning – Bingham Hustlers

Friday afternoon – Hooves and Hearts

Friday night – Junior Leaders

Nebraska State Fair Livestock & In Person Entry Information

The link to use for State Fair Livestock entry: FFA and 4-H are using an online entry system that allows exhibitors/parents to submit their livestock entries for the 2020 Nebraska State Fair. 4-H Static Exhibit Registration will be entered by the Extension Office staff.

Registration opens on July 1. All entries must be submitted no later than 11:59 Central Time on August 10, 2020. They are requiring you to use a credit or debit card when you submit your entries. You can pay and register your entries at: Families will find a link to the State Fair Livestock entry website, a pdf with step-by-step entry instructions at When you sign up for these events you will also purchase your State Fair discount passes for your family members.

4-H and FFA exhibitors and their families are responsible for submitting all livestock entries online.

This includes:

- 4-H and FFA Livestock entries

- 4-H Companion Animal entries

- 4-H and FFA Premier Exhibitor entries

4-H Attire

During the 4-H Horse show, exhibitors must show in a white button-down long sleeve shirt, a green arm band above the left elbow, and dark blue jeans that do not have decorative stitching on them. For the other 4-H shows, exhibitors have the option to wear a 4-H Sheridan County t-shirt. This does not include the tie-dyed t-shirts or the 4-H Foundation t-shirts. Youth can also wear a white button-down long sleeve shirt. They should also have the 4-H arm band on above the left elbow. T-shirts can be purchased for $10 and green arm bands for $3.50 from the Extension Office prior to fair or at the Fair Office during Fair week. The 4-H shirts will need to be worn during all shows, static judging (unless life skills), animal check-in (for pictures), and the 4-H Sale.

University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extension educational programs abide with the nondiscrimination policies of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and the United States Department of Agriculture.

The 4-H Youth Development program abides with the nondiscrimination policies of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and the United States Department of Agriculture.

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