Andrew "Ender" Wiggin

Genius, Smart, Young boy, a Third, and an incredible leader

The Third

Ender Wiggin, boy genius and shunned as a third, is the youngest of three children; his 2 older siblings are Peter Wiggin and Valentine. His compassion is his strongest trait, and it binds people to him. Ender could be seen as a victim, a brilliant child manipulated by adults into playing a game he never wanted to play.

The Salamander Army

Ender followed orders for some time, and noted Salamander's deficiencies from the sidelines, though he also noted that Salamander was indeed quite good. He was at the top of the leader board because he did had the best efficiency of all students. As time passed, Ender celebrated his seventh birthday silently. Ender appeared in his fourth game, and ended up facing the same situation as the first one-the other team had defeated Salamander, or so they thought. Ender drew his gun and fired at enough of the enemy soldiers to create a stalemate. Bonzo was furious that, once again, Ender's idea saved face for Bonzo's reputation.

That evening, Ender was finally traded to Rat Army. Ender was relieved, but Bonzo had one parting shot-he hit Ender and loudly said that no soldier should ever disobey a commander. Ender, for Petra's sake, ended the extra practice sessions with her.

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