Mrs. Lyons' Class

First Grade Math, Science, Social Studies

What's Happening in Week 18! {December 15th-19th}

It's our last week of the second nine weeks! We have a lot planned this week! We will be going on our field trip to see Frozen, we have our school Christmas program, and our class party and PJ day! Students should wear Christmas clothing to the program Thursday night and should be in the classroom at 5:30. Our week will be full of fun Christmas activities!

Dates to Remember:

December 16th- Frozen Field Trip

December 18th- Christmas Program at 6:00pm

December 19th: Christmas Party at 10:00 ~ Pancakes and Pajamas.

This Week in Math:

Chapter 8: Spatial Sense and Patterns

Math Journals: Winter Math

Excel Lessons # 65-68 Excel Test 6

Math Facts: 5 minute drills

Math Centers: Skill of the week

Click on the link below to play review games or use the eGlossary .

Math Chapter 8 Test: Thursday December 18th

{Study guide in homework packet. }

Position words: between, right, left, behind, near.

Locate objects on a grid map.

Draw to show a flip and a slide of a given shape.

Draw a pattern.

Draw a line of symmetry

Science ~ SNOW!

We will be learning all about snow this week! We will read a non-fiction resource on snow. What is Snow, People in the Snow, Animals in the Snow. We will match vocabulary words to the correct meaning and picture, read and highlight our All About Snow booklet, complete my book of BIG Words, True- False review game, A Close Look at Snow finding proof activity, and snow themed crafts and activities.

Vocabulary: Precipitation, ice crystals, tundra, igloo, camouflage, predator, prey, precise.

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This week's Crafts and Activities

Social Studies December Unit

We will continue learning about Christmas traditions around the world. So far we have learned about Germany, Italy, and Mexico. The students have learned how to say Merry Christmas in all three languages! This week we will learn about two more surprise countries!

Tests: December

Math- Chapter 8- December 18th

Science- Snow- December 18th

Social Studies- Holiday's Around the World Performance Assessments

Service Project

Thanks to those who have sent in dog and cat food! If you would still like to participate in our service project, Brookshires has buy one get one for a penny deals on Beneful Dog Food and Friskies Cat Food!