20% project

Animation by Molly and Jael

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Impacts it has

  • on me: the impact of this project on me is the confidence to go on to college for animation and to teach me more patience for art.
  • on others: The impact will hopefully be the same impact you get from a movie of sorts, or the impact will be inspiration for something in their life.
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The Facts~!

-animations take a great deal time to create

- to create movement you need key frames

- key frames are spots where the character changes frame and moves.

- animations a created on layers, each layer depending on the type of animation, contains a part of the character that will move. I.e.: foot, hand, fingers, chin, eyes, and head a all on separate layers.

-the three major types of animation right now are frame by frame animation( original Snow White movie) , flash animation (cartoons like Johnny test), and 3D animation (Frozen,Brave,Tangled, and Giant[not out yet])

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Why i chose this project

I chose this project because I love animation and I wish to be an animator one day. I thought this would be a good time to try and practice. I also want to inspire others to follow their dreams of the future and them to know that reaching those dreams requires you to work hard to reach them. I was inspired by Studio Ghibli to animate and one day i wish to get to their level of animation.
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