One Direction

Flash Mob

Teenage Mob

Teenage Mob

Thursday, April 4th 2013 at 6pm

8882 170 Street Northwest

Edmonton, AB

Hi Directioners! Love One Direction? Well here an Idea, me and my friend thought that we should do a Flash mob with mixed 1D songs. If you dont know what that is, you can search it on youtube or google. Its really cool and if you know what it is and you wanna do it come join! Bring anyone you like that would love to join, we will be practicing mostly on weekends. There A LOT of room for all of you! so come if u can, and if u cant make it thats ok we understand :) Hope to see all you Directioners soon!

Contact us

Need more information? you can text us and ask us what its really about and how were gonna do it!