3rd Grade

Newsletter for December 13, 2017

From the teacher's pen

Despite all the illnesses in the classroom, the students did their best to get right to work no matter how much or how little time we had available. I appreciated their flexibility this week as our schedule became very fluid as they rehearsed for the Christmas program. I also appreciated how they jumped in to help each other get caught up after extended illnesses. I'm sure all teachers say this about their classes, but these 3rd graders are truly loving toward each other. They also love you - they are excited for you to see the Christmas gift they made for you. Have a blessed Christmas.

Upcoming Events:

  • Christmas Program - Tomorrow, December 14 - return to school @ 6:30pm.
  • First Friday Mass - Friday, December 15 @ 9 am.
  • Christmas Break; Noon Dismissal - Friday, December 15. See you in the new year.