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Angelina Jolie

  • Born June 4, 1975 in Los Angelas, California, U.S
  • Age: 40
  • Citizenship in the United States and in Cambodia
  • Occupation: Actress, filmmaker, and Humanitarian
  • Height: 5Ft 8in
  • Weight: 115 pounds
  • Education: Attended William O. Schaefer School, Tappan, New York and graduated El Rodeo elementary school in 1989. She completed her schooling from Beverly Hills High School in 1991. She also attended Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in West Hollywood for 2 years.
  • Religion: Her family was catholic, but she seems to now find value in all religious beliefs.
  • Spouse: Jonny Lee Miller 1996-1999, Billy Bob Thornton 2000-2003, and Brad Pitt 2005-2015
  • Children: 6 Maddox Chivan- Adopted son born in Cambodia in 2001, Pax Thien- Adopted son born in Vietnam in 2003, Zahara Marley- Adopted daughter born in Ethiopia in 2005, Shiloh Nouvel- Biological daughter, Knox Leon- Biological son, and Vivlenne Marcheline- Biological daughter.


  • Traveling
  • Pilotting
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Shopping
  • Helping children
  • Spending time with her children
  • Collecting daggers and vintage guns


In 2005 in Cambodia Dew to poachers who threatened endangered species Angelina purchased a park with 60,000 hectares and turned the area into a wildlife reserve named for her son Maddox Jolie Projects. Mid 2007 Angelina changed the name to Maddox Jolie Pitt. This land she purchased now had 6,000 villagers and 72 employed as rangers. They all lived and worked at Maddox Jolie Pitt. The compound included schools, roads, and a soy milk factory. This was all funded by Angelina.
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In 2013 Angelina and her partner Brad established the Shiloh- Pitt Foundation to support conservation work by the Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary, which is a nature reserve also located in the Kalahari. In the name of their Namibian daughter they funded large animal conservation projects as well as a free health clinic, housing, and a school for the San Bushman Community at Naankuse. Angelina and Pitt also support other causes through the Jolie-Pitt foundation that was established in 2006.
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Child Immigration

Angelina has pushed for legislation to aid child immigrants and other vulnerable children in both U.S and developing nations, including the Unaccompanied Alien Child Protection Act of 2005. Angelina began lobbying humanitarian interest in the U.S capital from 2003 and onwards.

Since 2008 Angelina has co-chaired kids in need of defense "KIND", which is a network of leading U.S law firms that provide free legal aid to unaccompanied minors in immigration proceedings across the U.S. Angelina funded the launch of a similar initiative, the U.S. committee for Refugees and Immigrants National Center for Refugee and Immigrant Children.

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Angelina has advocated for children's education. Since the founding of Clinton Global Initiative's in 2007 Angelina has co-chaired the education partnership for children of conflict, which provides policy and funding to education programs for children in conflict- affected regions. For example Afghanistan children

Angelina has funded a school and boarding facility for girls at Kakuma refugee camp in Northwestern Kenya, which opened in 2005, and she also funded 2 primary schools for girls in the returnee settlements Tangi and Qalai Gudar in Eastern Afghanistan, which opened in 2010 and 2012.

In Ethiopia the birth place of her eldest daughter, Angelina funds a sister facility, The Zahara Children's Center, which is expected to open in 2015 and will treat and educate children suffering from HIV or Tuberculosis.

Human Rights and Woman Rights

Angelina and Hague launched the UK's first academic centre on women, peace, and security, based at the London School of Economics and Political Science. The Centre aims to contribute to Global Women's Rights issues, including the prosecution of war, rape, and women engagement politics, through academic research, a post graduate teachings program, public engagement, and collaboration with international organization.
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Gay Marriage

Angelina supports Gay Marriage. She said " I would hate to deny anyone their happiness and tell them they can't get married when they're in love."

Angelina and her husband Brad spoke out in support of Gay Marriage many times and even vowed they wouldn't say their marriage vows until everyone could.

Angelina and Brad were two of the first celebrities to draw attention to the fight for marriage equality and did it before marriage was legal in states like New York, Connecticut, Iowa, California, and growing numbers every year. This brought international attention to the cause and showed that they were principle people who were willing to put their beliefs before their convenience.

Angelina and Brad attended the Global Summit to end Sexual Violence in London on June 13, 2014. After the summit they donated 100,000 to Human Rights campaign National Marriage Fund.

Recognition and Honors

  • 2002 received the inaugural Humanitarian Award form the Church World Services
  • 2003 First person to receive the Citizen of the World Award by the United Nations Correspondents Association
  • 2005 Awarded the Global Humanitarian Award by UNA-USA
  • 2007 received the Freedom Award from the International Rescue Committee
  • 2011 received a gold pin from the UN High Commissioner for Refugees "Antonio Guterres." This was the recognition of her decades as a UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner Refugees) Goodwill Ambassador.
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Jessica Alba

  • Born April 28, 1981 in Pomona, California, U.S
  • Age 34
  • Occupation: Actress, Model, and Businesswomen
  • Spouses: Cash Warren 2008
  • Children: 2 Honor Marie Warren and Haven Garner Warren
  • Height: 5ft 7 in
  • Weight: 123.5 pounds
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  • Raises money for AIDs
  • Works for Habitat for Humanity, which is a national center for missing and exploited children.
  • Works for Project Home, RADD, Run/Walk for Women, and SOS Children Villages.
  • She is an ambassador for 1 Goal movement to provide education to children in Africa.
  • She strongly supports for gay rights.