The Quests

Caroline and Ali

Victor, Walton, and The Creature

Victor: Victor Frankenstein's quest is to create a form of life which ends up being the monster. His quest began when one of his teachers, M. Waldman, sparked his interest in science. Once this happened Victor began experimenting with creating a form of life and he ended up succeeding by creating not one monster but later on two. His creations end up destroying many aspects of his life.

Walton: Robert Walton is searching for the North Pole because he wants to be the first person to sail there. During his journey he comes across Victor and rescues him. Victor tells him all about his journey as well. Walton's ship gets stuck in ice and the rest of the men ask if they can return home. Walton is torn between his desire to discover this territory or keeping his men safe.At first he said no but after meeting victor and learning his story he decides to end his mission and return home.

The Creature: The creature's quest is a bit more intense. He is trying to fit into society by being their definition of normal. However, his towering, unsightly, self prevents him from being accepted. When Victor begins to regret making the creature he basically pushes him out of his life and doesn't want anything to do with him. This makes the creature feel abandoned so he begins seeking revenge against his creator, Victor. Overall, he wants to punish Victor by breaking him down and taking what is important to him (i.e.: killing the ones closest to him)