High Income, High Life--Private VIP

Intensive with Jessica Patterson

Meet me at the beautiful Hotel DeLUXE in Portland, Oregon on 8/18 or 8/19----Claim one of ONLY two spots available!

August 5, 2013

Hello and Welcome Soulful Solopreneur,

If you’ve found this page and you’re a Soulful Solopreneur, (perhaps a coach, a healer, an intuitive, a consultant, interior designer, stylist, photographer, a web designer or branding specialist) then I want to welcome you because I have an exciting opportunity for you to get some private coaching from me in a luxurious setting.

Why a private VIP Day you’re wondering? Because up-leveling your business physically, emotionally and spiritually requires concentrated, intensive work in an environment that gives you a sense of luxury, awe and inspiration. For spiritual entrepreneurs, we don’t often allow ourselves to lavish in a luxe environment because we’re so busy caring for our clients and figuring out better ways to serve THEM, and forget about creating an exhilarating income for ourselves.

Unfortunately, if I know you correctly, I know you often come last on the list. I want to initiate you into creating the container and taking the steps to creating the High Income, High Life so you can….

Make the Money AND the difference you were meant to make.

This is all part my upcoming comprehensive program launching in the next 45 days but I am SO excited to have found this beautiful hotel that is perfectly aligned with my brand that I just couldn’t wait to share this experience with you and so I’ve opened up two live VIP day spots with me this month. This will not be offered again soon since I’m due to have a beautiful little girl in just shy of two months!

What better time to jumpstart your business and put the suffering and frustration with your business in the rearview mirror?

We are going to accomplish BIG and tangible things, not to mention do the emotional (intangible) work needed to get you moving into the direction of creating your High Income, High life.

I can't wait to see you there!

Jessica Patterson


P.S. Over the past year and a half I have found that VIP Days are the fastest way to create accelerated results in your business and in your money mindset. I know this not only from offering VIP Days but from experiencing one myself!

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Here are some topics you may want to use your VIP Intensive Day with me for......

-Crafting your OWN high-end program

-Crafting your OWN VIP day program

-Intensive coaching to Heal your Family Money Legacy, Break through your Money Set Point, Set Bold Income Goals and create a Sacred Relationship with Money so you can finally get through your income plateau.

-Intensive coaching from my Permission to Charge program so you can finally feel confident to state your prices, raise them and receive what you ask for!

-Get your Marketing Plan in place and create systems so you can get peace of mind, knowing your business WILL grow this year with a plan in place.

-Creating a new business idea and leaving your 9 to 5 behind

If you have wanted to gift yourself with a VIP day so that you can uplevel your business and perhaps you’ve even been thinking about incorporating VIP days or intensive programs into your own business, then now is the perfect opportunity.

Meet me at the Hotel DeLUXE!

I can't wait to work with you!

To apply for your VIP day with me, please email me directly for your application at Jessica@thesoulfulsolopreneur.com

**please apply only if you're serious about gifting yourself a VIP day to transform your business and you're ready to make a valuable investment in your business.

What you can expect from your VIP Intensive Day with me....

A complimentary 45 min consultation with me BEFORE your VIP day so we can outline exactly what we plan to accomplish in our time together.

A minimum of 4.5 hours intensive coaching PLUS a complimentary lunch or dinner together (depending on our start time) in a luxurious environment designed to help you tap into the frequency and vibration you’ll want to be in when creating your own high income, high life.

We’ll have a specific focus for the day so we ensure that you feel leaving not only totally refreshed and revived but also accomplished and solid in your next steps.

You can also expect little extra’s just to make your day very special and oh-so VIP!

If you’re thinking, oh I couldn’t do that…..

Or perhaps, oh I don’t deserve that…it’s too much...

Oh, YES YOU CAN MY DEAR. And you’re worth every penny that you invest into your business (and yourself).

You see, what I know about solopreneurs, especially “soulful” ones is that YOU are your business. It is one and the same so it is imperative you allow yourself not only the business growth but the emotional/spiritual growth you’re craving so you can tap in and step up into a bigger space for you to shine.

This place is old Hollywood glam. It is where the stars of yesterday would have stayed and dined. It is designed for those bright and shiny stars and that is what I see in each of my clients-a bright shiny star. That is my intuitive ability. It’s a blessing and a curse personally because I’m always seeing how something can be even better, even brighter.

As a coach, it is one of my greatest skills: I can see where you’ve giving up and settling, I can see where you’re refusing to shine or too scared to move. I see each of my clients in such a big and bright way and that is what truly lights me up in the morning. I want to help you get to that level that I know and YOU know is waiting for you.

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Is this really for you?

This is for you if people keep telling you how AMAZING you are but the money in your bank account is anything BUT amazing.

This is for you if you know you’re talented and you truly help people. You’ve probably been in business for a least a year or perhaps 10 or 20! But you’re overworked and underpaid. You KNOW you’re undercharging.

This is for your if you’re tired of being tired and tired of being frustrated with the direction your business is heading. You know you need a “lift” but until now just haven’t been ready to ask for help. You know the time is now and you want to gift yourself with a complete “upleveling” experience, not just business advice.

This is for you if you want to experience a VIP day. Before I started offering VIP days, a friend and mentor told me the best way to begin offering VIP days is to experience my own. So what did I do? I hired her on the spot! I had a wonderful VIP day experience I won’t ever forget.

I’m going to get you on the path. I’m going to get you going and you’re going to make some MAJOR shifts in your thinking and have some new CLEAR action steps when you leave this luxurious VIP intensive.

What you're responsible for...

-Getting yourself to the beautiful Hotel DeLUXE in Portland, Orgeon to meet with me on either August 18th or 19th

-Booking your room (the days I’ve selected are actually “off” days so you’ll be able to even book the QUEEN suite for a great price). I dare you to!

-Showing up, stepping up and soaking up your VIP experience with me.

So if you're ready to recieve and gift yourself this Business VIP Day Intensive or perhaps you're on the fence and need a little push...

Email me at jessica@thesoulfulsolopreneur.com to schedule your 30 minute complimentary consultation with me in a hurry to discover if the High Life, High Income Intensive is exactly what you’re soulful business is craving right now.

I can’t wait to meet you and be your guide on this brilliant journey to the High Income, High Life!

**please apply only if you're serious about this VIP day with me and ready to invest in yourself and your business (tax write off!)

Love and Success,

Jessica Patterson


I’d like to share what just a few of my clients have said about working with me either privately or through one of my group coaching programs….