Bessie Coleman Middle School

May 15


Miller's Message

BCMS Guardians and Parents:


No Backpacks are allowed on campus. Girls can bring a small bag if they need to carry personal hygiene products.

BCMS Teacher of the Year:

Congrats to Mary Robinson, math instructional coach, on being named the BCMS Teacher of the year!

Identification Badges: We've had several students forget ID's. If your student does not have an ID, they must purchase a temporary from the attendance office for $1. If they don't have $1, they can turn in their phone to receive a temporary, but must bring a $1 before the end of the day to get their phone back. If your student misplaces their ID or destroys it where the bar code can't be scanned it is $5 for a replacement. To gain entrance to Junior High games without a parent, all students must have their ID and pay the admission fee. Students without an ID will not be allowed entrance.


All students are expected to be at school on time. The tardy bell rings at 7:30 AM. Any student not in class by 7:30 AM are considered tardy. If a student misses more than 1/2 of a class they are considered absent. Students have a 4-minute transition between each class. If they are not in their classroom when the tardy bell rings, they are tardy. Students who are habitually late will have home visits made and truancy charges filed. All TARDIES TO SCHOOL ARE UNEXCUSED.

BCMS - Engineering and Environmental Science Academy

For the 2017-2018 School Year, Bessie Coleman Middle School will have an Environmental Science & Engineering Academy. Current 5th and 6th graders are eligible to apply. This academy offers an interactive learning environment for middle school students. Instruction will include hands-on activities and will combine physical, biological and computer science into their core classes. Through field experiences, competitions, and real-world problem-solving students will learn about different science and engineering careers and boost their creative, communication, and leadership abilities.

Additionally, the academy will introduce students to those who are already working in the science and engineering fields. Students will learn about what it takes to become a scientist or engineer, and the benefits of each career. In an ever-changing job market, careers in these fields are always in demand. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for individuals in these industries begins at $82,000 per year.

Mark your calendars for the mandatory parent meeting to learn about this wonderful opportunity:

The deadline has passed, however, you can still complete the application and be placed on the wait list.

Summer Opportunities for kids

Cedar Hill Fire Department’s

Teen AGE Public Service


June 19-23

1212 W. Belt Line

10AM- 4PM

Do you want to be an emergency responder?

This is a one week program that covers basic information on the requirements to become a Community Emergency Response Team Member (CERT), EMT, firefighter, fire explorer, fire investigator, paramedic, police explorer and police officer.

Graduates will be eligible to join the fire/police/CERT explorer program.

Only 18 participants will be selected

Turn in application by June 15, 2017

Contact Chief Reggie Alexander for more info @ 214-291-1011.

Have you Are you interested in learning about the job of a firefighter? Junior Fire Academy is a fun-filled, five-day program that will cover all the excitement of firefighting. Activities will include water safety, rescue practices, firefighting and more!

Monday-Friday, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Drop off 9:00 am; campers must be picked up by 4:00 pm.

Open to Ages

13-17 years

No Cost


Jaws of Life Training

Fire Extinguisher Training


Station Tours

CPR Training

Basic first aid Training

Search and Rescue

911 Dispatch Tour

Live Burn Training

Criminal Justice

Evidence Collection

Firefighter Challenge

CERT Training

Crime Prevention Training

Free Back Pack Registration

Registration for free backpacks for the 2017-2018 school year will open Monday 5/22. The only requirement is that students were enrolled in CHISD in 2016-2017 They can register

College Trip Updates

Plans are in the works for bigger college trips for 2017-2018. We have tossed around ideas of a trip during Spring Break to Atlanta or Washington, D.C.

Be on the look out for parent meetings!!

Important Dates

May 22- Walk Across/ 8th Grade Completion Ceremony ( PAC) 7 pm

May 23- 8th Grade Lock in (Altitude)

May 24- Six Flags 8th Grade

May 25 – 8th-grade Breakfast/Lunch Picnic ( On the grounds)

Walking home or riding the bus

Dismissal on any campus can be a challenging experience. When students are walking or riding the bus, they are still expected to abide by rules and regulation. We have too many students trying to figure out transportation at the end of the day. Please communicate your transportation procedures for your child prior to them coming to school.

Bus Transportation

We are asking all parents to support us by reiterating to your student appropriate behavior expectations. Students who are disruptive on the bus, will have their bus privileges removed. Misbehavior on the bus and disrespect of the bus driver will not be tolerated. CHISD contracts buses via Dallas County Schools. Please report any issues to Bessie Coleman MS and we will inform the appropriate party.


Walker are expected to immediately leave campus, on foot, at the end of the day. While walking home, students are expected to follow the local law and guidelines. As we know, students can become mischievous when an adult is not present. Please speak to your student about what your parental expectations are when they are off campus and walking home. We have been in communication with the Animal Shelter, next door. Students should not be dropped off/picked up on their property. They will start reporting habitual offenders and their license plate numbers to the local authorities.

Breakthrough Coach

Bessie Coleman MS is committed to educating and empowering every student to excel academically and socially. In order for this to come to fruition, we are committed to having district administrators in classroom 2-3 FULL days per week to improve teaching and learning.

As a result of being in class so often, we may not always be immediately available to you; however your communication important to us. If you have questions about a particular class , please contact the teacher directly, as we have found that is the most effective way to clarify issues. If you need to talk to an administrator, please contact the appropriate secretary, as she handles the administrator's calendar: Assistant Principal Secretary- : Campus Principal Secretary- . They will need to know the nature of your call to find the appropriate time for us to talk or will direct your call to the correct department/administrator.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Bessie Coleman Middle School. You are a valued partner in your child's education. The implementation of these practices will enhance our ability to strengthen student learning in our district.

CNN: Why parents matter in education

Campus Culture/Relationship Initiatives

--The #GoodNewsCallOfTheDay- Students will take a Selfie with the principal and the parents will receive a positive phone call in reference to positive interaction at school.

--Rolling Wednesday- Administrative staff ride the bus with students to build a positive relationship.

Administrative Staff Contact Informtaion

6th Grade Assistant Principal- Shayla Pratt

7th Grade Assistant Principal- Tashara Tuck

8th Grade Assistant Principal- Cassundra Gipson

Campus Principal- Jason Miller

We are here to assist you in any way that we can, however, you must address your concerns in the following order: Teacher, Assistant Principal, Campus Principal.

Important Dates

Site Based Meeting ( All Parents are invited)


Monthly Coffee With The Principal, Assistant Principals, or Counselors ( 7:30 AM)


Parent Drop-In Day



All Pro Dads Breakfast ( 3rd Breakfast of the Year)


Attendance/ Tardies


A parent/guardian should contact the Attendance Office for each absence. If you wish to email, you may send to or use the Family Access Absence Notification Request, which allows parents/guardians to send a note by email through Family Access. Please submit all absence notification request within 3 days!

Students submitting a note from a doctor or dentist for a partial day will be considered Excused. Students submitting a note from court will be considered Excused.


All students are expected to be at school on time. The tardy bell rings at 7:30 AM. Any student not in class by 7:30 AM are considered tardy. If a student misses more than 1/2 of a class they are considered absent. Students have a 4 minute transition between each class. If they are not in their classroom when the tardy bell rings, they are tardy. Students who are habitually late will have home visits made and truancy charges filed. All TARDIES TO SCHOOL ARE UNEXCUSED.

According to the Texas Education Code §25.092, students are required to attend 90% of the days a class is offered. Excused and unexcused absences count toward this requirement. Please be aware of absences accrued throughout each semester.

Drop off and Pick Up Procedures

Drop Off:

The main lanes will be divided by cones. Once you get on the main drive, and traffic has stopped please have your student exit the car quickly. If they exit the car in the far lane they must exit to the left and walk to the cross walk or staff member to cross. Under no circumstance should a vehicle be unattended in the morning or obstructing a lane. If you choose to walk your student in the building, please park in the designated parking lot and bring your ID to receive a visitor's badge to enter the secured area of the building.


The two outside lanes are available for pick-up in the afternoon. Do not leave your vehicle unattended. Students are instructed to look for their cars and load with caution the middle lane is not a pick up area. We do not release or call for students from the main office after 2:45 PM.

2016-2017 Dress Code and Grooming Policy

The approved dress code for 2016-2017 is in the link below. All students are expected to be in compliance on the 1st day of school.


Dress and grooming policies are enforced each day of the school year. All students are expected to dress in compliance with the standardized dress criteria. This will allow students to perform effectively in the learning environment without distractions to themselves or others. The principal has total discretion in determining compliance with the standardized dress criteria. Violations of the dress or grooming code warrant disciplinary action. If the principal or designee determines that the dress or grooming of a student is inappropriate, he/she will advise the student of why the dress or grooming fails to conform to guidelines and allow the student to give an explanation. The parent or guardian of the child whose dress or grooming is inappropriate shall be notified that their child has been assigned one day of In-School Suspension or until the parent brings compliant clothing for their child to wear. A third violation of dress code will result in the parent notification that their child is assigned to Out of-School Suspension for one day. Repeated offenses will be handled as Category III and/or IV offenses. Unless modified by the principal, students, including student spectators, at school activities such as sporting events, musicals, field trips, off-campus school events and commencement exercises shall meet the grooming standards. The Standardized Dress criteria may be modified for students who are officially representing the school in extracurricular activities and are wearing an official uniform or other appropriate dress for that school activity.


1. Unnatural or distracting hair color or style of hair

- No purple, green, blue, fuchsia, pink, etc....Only natural color hair or extensions are allowed: black, brown, and/or blond

2. Jewelry or other items worn in pierced body parts other than ears

3. Jewelry that is considered to be disruptive or offensive

4. Wearing of hats, caps, hair rollers, sunglasses, or any headgear inside the building

5. Bandanas, arm or sweatbands

6. Pocket chains or other chains determined as inappropriate by the principal

7. Hair that is not kept well groomed at all times

8. Any facial hair which is not short and neatly trimmed

9. Flip-flops, house shoes, or slippers

10. Dresses, skirts, or skorts that do not extend to the knee all the way around while fastened appropriately around the waist and hands placed at the side.

11. Slits in dresses, skirts, or skorts that extend above the fingertip while fastened appropriately around the waist

12. Shorts that do not extend to the fingertip while fastened appropriately around the waist and hands placed at the side

13. Sagging or over sized biking shorts, cutoffs, boxer shorts, or soccer-type shorts

14. Pants that do not reveal the shoes

15. Clothing that reveals undergarments

16. Rips or tears in clothing.

17. The presence of any apparel, jewelry, accessory, or manner of grooming which by virtue of its color, arrangement, trademark, symbol, or any other attribute which implies membership or affiliation with a gang, secret society, fraternity, or sorority.

Parent Involvement

We are seeking parent to participate on the following committees

Site Based Decision Making-Site-based decision making is a process for decentralizing decisions to improve the educational outcomes at every school campus through a collaborative effort by which principals, teachers, campus staff, district staff, parents, and community representatives assess educational outcomes of all students, determine goals and strategies, and ensure that strategies are implemented and adjusted to improve student achievement.

8th Grade Planning Committee- The 8th grade planning committee coordinates the

8th grade End of the Year activities ( Prom, Six Flags, Social Event, 8th Grade Breakfast, etc) with the PTA and Administrative staff. Without assistance from parents these events WILL NOT happen.

All Pro Dad (APD)-A group of men passionately committed to bringing intentional focus to Fathers/Male Figures at Bessie Coleman MS. APD's offer assistance at various events around campus and CHISD. With the support of the APD's Bessie Coleman students will continue to grow in a positive manner at school and in the community.

Bessie Coleman PTA- A parent-teacher association (PTA) is a formal organization composed of parents, teachers and staff that is intended to facilitate parental participation in a school. For more information contact:


Please pay close attention to the the pickup and drop off times. You may contact Kim Lewis at or Evonne Stewart at Dallas County Schools (972 224 7050) for specific questions or issues. All students are expected to get on and off at the designated stops.

Bus Schedule 2016-2017

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CHISD and Bessie Coleman Mission and Vision


Lead; Learn; Engage; Excel

CHISD Vision

The Cedar Hill Independent School District will become a premier school district providing innovative opportunities and academic challenges preparing all students for the global marketplace.

Bessie Coleman Middle School Mission

(What we will do; Why we exist; Our purpose)

The staff and students of Bessie Coleman Middle School believe that anything is possible through collaboration, rigor, relevance and relationships. We are committed to becoming a national premier middle school by providing an excellent, effort-based education for all students.

Bessie Coleman Middle School VISION

(What we will see as we carry out the mission; what we want to become)

Bessie Coleman Middle School will be a premier school

preparing our students to become global competitors.

Who to Contact at BCMS

Attendance: Deniece Clark

Cafeteria/ Lunch : Cassandra Pierson

Records: Patricia Jordan

Counselor A-L: Patrice Gray

Counselor M-Z: Cicely Ham

We are here to assist you in any way that we can, however, you must address your concerns in the following order: Teacher, Assistant Principal, Campus Principal.

Assistant Principal Secretary: Latoya Jones

6th Grade Assistant Principal: Shayla Pratt

7th Grade Assistant Principal: Cassundra Gipson

8th Grade Assistant Principal: Tashara Tuck

Principal's Secretary: Norma Espinoza

Campus Principal: Jason Miller