Teen Pregnancy Prevention

How to keep teens from becoming pregnant.

Important Message for Teens.

Some teens don't realize how hard it is to become a parent until they are one. This flyer is for you to understand some ways to not become a parent while you're still a teen.

  • Abstinence
  • Condoms
  • Birth Control

Any of those methods will work for having safe sex if you're planning on having sex. But the only one that will completely ensure you of not having a child is Abstinence.

Outcomes of What Happens When You Become A Parent.

When you become a parent you'll have to give up your free time. You will have to give up spending time with your friends, going to social events, and going out to eat, ect. School will be harder to complete, and going to collage will be difficult. Statistics say that less then 1/3 of teen parents get married. You will also most likely not be financially ready to have a child. People who are teens and have children have problems coming up with money to pay for children. They also have problems juggling a job, kid, and schooling, along with going to social events.
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