Food and Habitat

  • Kagu live in mountain forest,valleys and tropical forest.
  • They live and eat on the ground. Kagu are carnivores,kagu eat snail,insects,spiders,earthworms,and lizards.
  • Kagu usually spend the time underground.
  • The kagu family is rhynochetidae.
  • Kagu's diet are snail,soil,and leaf litter.

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Animal description

  • Kagu are bird they have wing but their are flightless because they don't have enough power to fly. Kagu only weight 1.5 to 2.4 pounds.
  • The length of a kagu is 22in(55cm).The way kagu's communicate with each other is by making bark nosies,hissing, and making rattling nosies.
  • The color of a kagu is this grayish and blueish and there eyes are red and they have big heads. Kagu's can also live for 20 years.

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  • Kagu beak are long, and their nostrils are raised, the kagu eat with their beaks. Kagu hunt their food in the ground.
  • Kagu also hibernate. Kagu are very fast runners and they walk pretty funny.
  • Females kagu lay pale brown eggs.
  • Sometimes kagu chase another to intrude on a individual territories.
  • At some point the kagu act wild and crazy.
  • The kagu is their wings for gilding.
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Why it's in danger

  • The reason why the kagu are in danger is because humans kill them for food and to humans kill them to use a pets.
  • Another reason why the kagu are in danger is humans kill them for hunting.
  • The endangerment started in the early 1990's.
  • The biggest threat for the kagus is dogs,cats,pigs,rats, and other animals.
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What being done

  • In New Caledonia the kagus are very protected they have a forest park that is for the kagus to be protected.
  • They also put them in zoo for the humans don't kill or use them as pets.