The Golden Gate Bridge

By Dylan Christensen

The Golden Gate Bridge Intro

The Golden Gate Bridge is located in San Francisco, California. This bridge really is something to marvel at. It stretches over 4,000 feet long, and is suspended from two towers. Each tower contains over 600,000 rivets to help hold the tower together. For one period of time, the Golden Gate Bridge was the longest suspended bridge in the world.

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The bridge had its rough goes during construction. 10 men died when a piece of scaffolding fell and they fell through the safety net. On January 5th, 1933, the construction of the bridge begun and on May 28th, 1937, the bridge opened up to the public for transportation use.

Money Conflicts

Money was a huge factor in the construction of the bridge. The cost of the bridge was 30 million dollars, which was received by a slight increase in taxes there in San Francisco and bonds.
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