Welcome to Middle School!

Class of 2025

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Dear 5th Grade Parents,

Welcome to the District 34 Middle School family! We look forward to making your child’s transition to middle school as smooth as possible; therefore, we are writing to inform you of the main activities that will take place during the next several months. This email provides you with information about the 5th to 6th grade transition in District 34. There are a number of events planned.

5th Grade Parent Orientation:

  • Attea’s 5th Grade Parent Orientation – Tuesday, March 29 @ 7:00pm – Attea Cafeteria (spanish translation available)

  • Springman’s 5th Grade Parent Orientation – Tuesday, March 29 @ 7:00pm – Springman Wildcat Commons (spanish translation available)

The presentations will provide an overview of the Middle School Program. The agenda for this meeting will include a review of the middle school schedule, Global Language, Encore, and Music Performance Group options, an outline of the interdisciplinary team arrangements, information about after-school activities, and a brief introduction to the variety of services available at the middle school level. Please note that this meeting is intended for parents only (your 5th grader does not need to attend).

5th Grade Parent Chat & Tour Opportunities: 5th grade parents are invited to attend Parent Chats & Tours as a follow-up to the Parent Orientation. These chats do not take the place of the orientation, but allow for smaller groups of parents to get a better sense of the middle school day. The chats include a tour of the building as well. The chats will be held:

Attea & Springman:

  • Tuesday, April 12, 10:00 - 11:00 a.m.

  • Thursday, April 21, 1:00 - 2:00 p.m.

5th Grader Visits to the Middle School: 5th graders will be visiting Attea and Springman on Tuesday, April 26th. 5th graders will learn more about life “in the middle” and what they can expect as 6th graders. In addition, information about our Global Language classes and Music Performance Groups will be presented. This information will help them make choices about the Global Language they will study as well as help them determine if they would like to be a member of Band, Orchestra, and/or Choir.

Parent Input: While it is very important for us to have helpful information about your child from their teachers, we recognize parents can also provide insights that can assist in determining their child’s placement. Therefore, the transition process includes an opportunity for you to provide us with information that will help promote a successful transition to middle school.

We utilize an electronic format to collect information from parents. The link to the input form is conveniently located in PowerSchool. This form will be open on March 30th following the parent orientation. If you need help accessing the link or do not have Internet access at home, please contact the Attea or Springman Main Office. We are happy to help.

The Parent Input Form will also include a Program Selection section. Parents will identify the Global Language (French or Spanish) your child will study (students will continue their study of the selected language in 7th & 8th grades). You will also use the Program Selection Form to indicate if your child will participate in a Music Performance Group (Band, Orchestra, Chorus). These groups meet as regularly scheduled classes during the “Overture” period (7:10-8:05am). Students may join more than one Music Performance Group. These are curricular experiences for which students receive a grade.

We will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding the options available to your child either via email or at one of the Parent Chats. Please be sure to talk with your child about these choices BEFORE submitting the form. Additionally, note that the middle school staff will dialogue with your child’s 5th grade school during the months ahead. These consultations will identify strengths and areas in which your child may need special support.

The transition to middle school is an exciting and exhilarating experience in the young adolescent’s life. By working together, we can direct our efforts to creating a very positive picture of the exciting adventure that awaits your child. We will outline the many transition activities that will take place over the next several months. We look forward to the opportunities to meet you and welcome your child to D34 middle schools.

Mark Richter - Attea Principal

Megan Russell - Springman Principal