Battle of Vistula River

WWI - The German invasion of Poland


The battle of Vistula River took place from the 28th of September to the 30th of October in 1914. Germany was on it's way to Poland to help out Austria/Hungary, but a few Russian armies just happened to be passing through to catch them in the act.


In Warsaw, by the bank of the Vistula River.


Russian Commanders:
  • Nikolai Ruzsky

  • Nikolai Ivanov

  • Alexei Evert

  • Pavel Plehve


German/Austrian Commanders
  • Paul von Hindenburg

  • Viktor Dankl

  • August von Mackensen

  • Remus von Woyrsch

  • Max von Gallwitz


Russia won with145,309 killed/wounded/missing. Germany lost with 19,029 killed/wounded/missing, and Austria/Hungary lost as well as Germany with 50,145 killed/wounded/missing.


It started the many attempts of Germany to take over Poland.