1st Grade Newsletter

December 7 - 11, 2015


Math--Measuring Length: The student will illustrate that the length of an object is the number of same-size units of length that, when laid end-to-end with no gaps or overlaps, reach from one end of the object to the other.


Use nonstandard objects (such as paper clips, pennies, toothpicks etc.) to measure the length of various objects. Ask your child questions such as "Why does it take more pennies than pencils to measure the same table?"

Reading--Main Idea and Details


When reading with your child have them tell you what the story was “mostly about." This should be a one sentence statement concluding the book they read.

Writing--Descriptive Writing

Science--Identify characteristics of Day and Night


Have conversations with your child about the following questions:

What can you see in the daytime sky?

What can you see in the night sky?

What animals do you see during the day?

What animal can you see at night (nocturnal)?

Social Studies--Winter holidays: family traditions and customs

*Students will be bringing home a Family Traditions letter this week. Talk with your child about the traditions and customs your family celebrates during this time of year. We will be sharing our different family traditions and then we will compare and contrast them.

Spelling--Test on Friday, December 11th

Spelling Pattern: consonant digraphs ch, tch, wh

1. whip

2. whale

3. catch

4. match

5. chin

6. chop

7. which

8. chicken

9. your

10. from


11. tradition

12. snowman

Upcoming Events

Friday, Dec. 18th--Class Winter Parties @ 11:00

Friday, Dec. 18th--Early Release @ 12:00

December 21st - January 4th--NO SCHOOL, Winter Break

Tuesday, January 5th--Students return to school

1st Grade Teachers

Mrs. Wright, Ms. Gage, Ms. Cook, Mrs. Norwood, Mrs. King, Mrs. Dossey, Mrs. Stanford (from left to right)

Conference time: 1:45 - 2:45