The Most Interesting Country In the World

Qin Shihuangdi

You do not want to get on Qin Shihuangdi’s bad side. Shihuangdi was born in born on February seventh 260 BC and died on August tenth 210 BC. He was China’s first emperor. He also took the throne at the age of thirteen. His reign lasted thirty six years. During his reign he caused incredible cultural and intellectual growth. He also had the idea of making the Great Wall of China, and he did this in order to defend his kingdom from Xiongnu. When he died his tomb had an army of terracotta soldiers to “protect” him while he was dead. Overall Qin Shihuangdi was a great emperor and an extremely interesting


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The Song Dynasty

Did you know the Song dynasty was one of the most revolutionary Chinese dynasties out there? The Song dynasty had many great achievements in technology such as printing, making gunpowder, and creating the compass. The Song dynasty lasted an astonishing 316 years! It’s also one of the reasons why China’s population is so huge today. The Song dynasty’s government was very advanced for it’s time. But is was not able to become stronger than the neighboring militaries. For more information about the Song dynasty you can go to the National Museum of China, or if you don’t want to book five thousand dollar trip, you can also click the link below

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The Great Wall of China

Did you know that the Great wall of China is considered to be the longest graveyard in the world? It took fourteen years to connect all the great walls together, and make the Great Wall of China.It’s also the world’s longest defencive fortification. The wall is built along the east to west line across the northern borders of China to protect the Chinese states and empires against the invasions of the variety of nomadic groups of the Eurasian Steppe . The wall was constructed over two thousand years ago. Early sections of the wall were built from layers of mashed dirt and local materials. Even though the wall is four thousand miles long there are hundreds of places where you can get to the wall. Overall the Great Wall of China is truly an amazing place to visit.

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The Temple of Heaven

Have you ever heard of the Temple of Heaven? I know it sounds like something out of an Indiana Jones movie but it’s a real place. It’s a medieval palace of religious buildings in the southern eastern part of central Beijing. It’s a Taoist temple. It was also built in 1420 and it’s still standing today. It has an area of 2,700,000 square meters. It’s 38 meters in height and 30 meters in diameter. It was also entered into the world cultural heritage list in 1998. In conclusion the Temple of Heaven is a great sight to see and an amazing building.

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The Li River

Imagine kayaking down the Li River, the sights that you would see would be indescribable. The Li River is located in Guangxi Zhuang. The river flows eighty three kilometers. The river includes Reed Flute Cave. The Duxiu Peak will take your breath away. Along the river you can see other great sights such as stunning karst hills, bamboo groves, and villages. But If you want to see the best views along the river you should visit the river any time in between July and October. (PICTURE HERE) In conclusion the Li River, has hundreds of beautiful sights.

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The Pamir Mountains

Have you ever dreamed about traveling up a mountain? Well while you’re on your trip in China you can visit the Pamir Mountains. The Pamir Mountains are a mountain in Central Asia. The Pamir Mountains are home to many glaciers. No matter what season the mountains are covered in snow. The mountains are twenty five thousand ninety five feet tall. In the early 1980s, a deposit of gemstone-quality clinohumite was found in the Pamir Mountains.Annual precipitation is about 5 inches, which supports grasslands but not to many trees. Overall climbing these mountains is worth the view.

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