Do you know what Urinalysis is?

By: Aidan Lassiter

What is it?

A urinalysis is a group of tests done on urine to detect urinary tract infections, metabolic disorders and kidney disorders.

What is done?

Every urinalysis has three steps:

  1. Describing urine by visual characteristics , like if it is a pale yellow or cloudy and dark
  2. Perform chemical tests such as pH, protein, glucose, and ketones that should not be found in urine
  3. Look under a microscope to look for cells and crystals

What is normal?

The normal for a test like the Urinalysis strips would be negatives. The reason for that is because on the strips it is testing for substances like protein, glucose, pH, and so on. All of those substances are not supposed to be found in your urine. So if one happens to be positive check in with your local family doctor.
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Why should you get one done?

It is as simple as just to assess your overall health, to diagnose a medical condition, and or to monitor your medical control.

Who can you ask?

After the results come back you should talk to your doctor to see if everything normal. Abnormal results from urinalysis typically requires additional screening methods to adequately determine the cause of your problems. This could include blood tests, imaging tests (CT scans, MRI, etc.), or other diagnostic procedures.