AMMS Lions Roar

"Recognize the Roar"

Monday, December 14, 2020

Mr. Trey Martin, Principal

Ms. Anita Erickson, 8th Grade Assistant Principal

Dr. Mimi Gamel, 7th Grade Assistant Principal

Ms. Laurie Chans, 6th Grade Assistant Principal

Calendar of Events

December 18th Last Day of 1st Semester

December 21st through January 5th Winter Break

January 4th Teacher Workday (No School for Students)

January 5th Teacher Workday (No School for Students)

January 6th 1st Day of Second Semester for Students

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Early Check-Outs

Reminder that if students are checking out early for any reason, a note must be brought to the front office in the morning. We will stamp the note and this is the pass allowing them to be in the front office when parents arrive. Your cooperation is appreciated with this process, so we are not interrupting instructional time.

No student check outs after 3:30 p.m. with a note.

Final Exams

The last exams of the semester for all classes will be administered on December 15-18, 2020. You can visit the AMMS web page for the exam schedule at

Please note that we will be following a different schedule during exam week so teachers will adjust their TEAMS class times on these days.

Please be aware of the following information regarding this last exam:

  • No student will be allowed to take the exam before December 15 if he/she is leaving early for a vacation.

AMMS PTA Staff Appreciation

Dear Parents,

We need your help! It is the time of year when we give thanks. The teachers and staff at AMMS do an amazing job! Let us thank them for all their hard work. We would like to give the teachers and staff a thank you of at least two $10 gift cards. Some popular gift cards they have enjoyed in the past include: Target, Starbucks, Amazon, Macy's, Publix/Kroger, Chick Fil A and other restaurants...GET CREATIVE! Please consider donating one or more $10 gift cards to show the AMMS staff how much we appreciate them! You may send the gift cards in with your student or drop them off at the front office.

Thank you,


Melanie Brandt, Co-President

Jennifer Morrow, Co-President

Change to School Calendar

The School Board approved changing January 5, 2021, from a regular school day to a teacher workday/student holiday. Since January 5 is a run-off election date and more than 60 schools are polling sites, the decision was made to convert the day to a student holiday. January 6, 2021, now becomes the first day of second semester for students.


FCS is asking parents/guardians of FCS students to submit a COVID-19 Report ONLY if your child meets any of the criteria below.

  • Has tested Positive for COVID-19
  • Waiting for the results of a test for COVID-19
  • Has been in close contact (within 6 feet for at least 15 minutes) in the last 14 days with someone diagnosed with COVID-19

Directions: Reporting Portal Link

Please DO NOT send your student to school or school sponsored events when he/she is ill and has any of the above COVID-19 concerns until you have spoken with your healthcare provider, one of the FCS Student Health Services School Nurses, or a public health official.

AMMS Chorus Program

On October 24th, Georgia Music Educators Association District 5 hosted a virtual honor chorus event with clinicians Maria Ellis and Eric Whitacre. Please enjoy these virtual choir productions created after the event. Our very own Autrey Mill Chorus Students participated in the 4th-8th Grade event. Many congrats to: Anishka M., Braedyn S., Bram F., Heidi C., Isabella J., Juliana C., Kendall B., Klara C., Nethra V., Owen F., Rayna G., Rhea U., Sara H., Shreya K. and Vivia J.

4th - 8th Grade Choir -

High School Choir -

Please join us in congratulating these fantastic musicians.

AMMS Science Olympiad Winners!

Congratulations to Ms. Garner and the Science Olympiad Team! They had a fantastic day of virtually competing in events at Dodgen Middle School! AMMS was well-represented with several 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers! AMMS Science Olympiad ranked 2nd overall out of 37 schools!

Way to go, AMMS Science Olympiad!

Anatomy & Physiology: 1st place: Heidi & Ridhi

Circuit Lab: 4th place: Dennis & Chloe

Density Lab: 2nd place: Heidi & Chloe, 3rd place: Akhilesh & Riya

Digital Structures: 2nd place: Meredith

Disease Detectives: 1st place: Paria & Dong-You

Dynamic Planet: 1st place: Riya & Esha, 3rd place: Abby & Spoorthi

Food Science: 4th place: Michelle & Nazeefa

Fossils: 2nd place: Aarav & Noah, 3rd place: George & Hayden

Game On: 1st place: Meredith & Chloe

Heredity: 1st place: Susmita & Michelle, 3rd place: Aditi

Machines: 2nd place: Ashlyn & Hayden

Ornithology: 1st place: Riya & Hayden, 2nd place: Parth

Reach for the Stars: 4th place: Avika & Abby

Road Scholar: 2nd place: Meredith & Anagha

Water Quality: 3rd place: Susmita & Michelle

Thank you to Beth Dowd, Ben Clopper and Hema Mody, our parent Coaches.

New Fitness and Health Club at AMMS

Fitness and Health Club

Purpose: Introduce Fitness Routines that Promote Overall Health

Days: Tuesday and Thursday

Time: 8:30 a.m.- 8:55 a.m.

Location: Gym

Club Sponsor: Coach Kearney

Questions? Contact Coach Kearney at

Yearbook Information

As you know, this year is different than any other school year we’ve experienced. So, our yearbook will be a bit different too! The yearbook staff would love for YOU to submit photos to be featured in this year’s book! There are two ways you can do this: it’s super easy-this can be done by both in person and virtual learners (option 1 or 2), and families/parents (option 2 only). Parents, please encourage your student to use option one as it will help with general yearbook content.

  1. ***FOR STUDENTS-will require Microsoft Login*** Click here to see a list of specific categories in which we need pictures-if you have any of these, fill out the correct form and upload your photos.
  2. *For anyone to use-no login required* Click here to submit any photos, including photos that do not fit into one of the above forms-we need those too! (if user ID needed use this: 415464602)

Yearbooks on Sale Now!

Yearbooks are on sale now! This will be an unforgettable book for an unforgettable year so purchase one now at the lowest price of the year. Click here to purchase one now!

Parents of 8th Graders-celebrate your middle school grad with a Recognition Ad. Space is limited so click here to purchase your ad!

Community News

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