4C News

Friday, April 13th, 2018


Mrs. Close's Class ~ It looks like during the upcoming week we'll be finishing and assessing Module 6. NYS Math review will also be part of our work over the next few weeks. The 2018 NYS Math test will be given on May 1st and May 2nd. After the state test, we'll have about 6.5 weeks of school left. In those remaining weeks, the kids will complete a few building benchmarks, take 5th grade placement tests, complete the bridge project, and finish the year up with Module 7. In the meantime, keep those Exit Ticket corrections coming my way!

Ms. Gleason's Class ~ Next week we will complete our last topic of module 5. The students will be multiplying a whole number with both a fraction and a mixed number. I have tentatively scheduled the module test for April 25th. We will then spend a few days becoming familiar with the format of the NYS math test and the type of questions the students will encounter. The NYS math test will be given on May 1 & 2.


Picture Book Friday - Eli was our guest reader today! Chloe is next!

PAWS - We'll be back on track with assignment #14 on Monday! Remember, kids can access their google accounts easily at home using BravesLink.

The Revolutionary War - Next week we'll continue using George vs George to learn about the Revolutionary War.

Word Work - We'll get back on track with our word study as well.

Two weeks of "normalcy" before the math test!

Big picture


Below this section, you'll see a pdf of April and May. I am have triple checked to make sure that everything aligns. If I did make a mistake, I'll edit and resend. :) This is an attempt to keep all of us on the same page when it comes to juggling instruments, swimming, and field trips! The string instrument, I know I'm really showing my expertise, stands for both band and orchestra. I have also placed a paper copy of the document in the Friday Folders.


Kids will need to bring instruments on Tuesday only. They lucked out, lessons and and ensembles fall on the same day!

Field Trips

Please look in next week's newsletter for a google form that I will use to collect volunteer information! As of today, we have three trips scheduled. May 22nd will be an all day trip to Genesee Country Museum, June 1st will be a trip to Aqueduct Park, and June 18th will be our end of year celebration at Onanda Park.