How to train a Siberian husky

Here are 6 steps how to train a Siberian husky

Siberian husky

This is what a Siberian husky looks like.
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Step 1

Put a leash on your puppy and walk it on a trail back and fourth, make sure the puppy is in front of you.

Step 2

Get your puppy calmed down. Put on a harness around your puppy. Make sure the dog is in a good passion and pet the dog a little while you do.
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Here is a harness

Step 3

You should run around a trail a second time with the harness and do it back and forth.

Step 4

Add another leash to the harness. The dog should get used to getting controlled.
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Here are some dogs getting controlled.

Step 5

Now it's time to pull a fake sled with someone on the sleds. Combine the several things you used so far. The dog is also supposed to think "What is behind me?"

Step 6

Make sure the handler is not holding the leash. As long as the dog of the sled and stays steady you have yourself a sled dog for the musher.


You will have a sled dog in one hour.
A handler is the person that mostly leads the dog.
A musher is the person that is with the dogs the whole race and trains the puppy's.


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