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Week of March 9th

Titan Trot Postponed

The weather really seems to have it in for RPE's outdoor activities this school year! Stay tuned for the new Titan Trot date.

Blanton Field Trip Tuesday

Tuesday we will be headed to the Blanton Museum of Art for our second visit. Our bus will leave RPE @ 10:15, and we will have lunch when we return to RPE @ 12:45

This week our learning targets are...

  • Math: I can determine the measure of an unknown angle formed by two adjacent angles. We will be finishing up Unit 5 and taking the post assessment on Thursday.
  • Writing: I can craft a focused, organized personal narrative with effective language and word choices to convey the intended meaning. Skill focus for our writing this week: punctuating dialogue and writing conclusions :)
  • Reading: I can describe character's relationships, changes, and provide evidence from the text.
  • Social Studies: I can identify characteristics of the first Mexican government and its influence on the people of Texas.
  • Science: I can observe and identify slow changes to Earth’s surface caused by weathering, erosion, and deposition from water, wind, and ice. I can observe and identify changes to a beach caused by erosion and deposition from waves.

Upcoming dates...

3/10 Blanton Field Trip

3/11 Ms. Torres out @ Rutledge Elementary Leadership Day

3/16-3/20 Spring Break

3/30-3/31 STAAR Writing Assessment

4/2 Last Day of the 3rd 9 weeks

4/3 No School

Did you know?

Think Through Math uses pretests to determine the skills with which your child needs assistance. If your child passes a pretest they can "test out" of a topic and move on to the next level. Should your child complete the entire 4th grade pathway, please let me know because I can open up the 5th grade pathway.
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