How to fried a good looking egg !

Made By : Anonymous

Have you ever have time struggling how to make a good egg for your date?(or something else)

Well! you come to the right place! Today i'm going to show you how to make a good looking egg!

Material Needed




-Pepper(Not Necessary)





First of all, gather all of your needed material for this activities. Then, what you want to do is heat your stove up, and put your pan on top of the stove, then pour 2 full spoon of oil. After you finish that instructions, wait for 30 seconds so the oil can heat it a little bit, then crack your egg carefully then put it into the pan, then when the white layer comes out, take the spoon and carefully take the spoon and try to remove the layer so it doesn't stick on the pan, then take the egg with the spoon, and try to spin it around so it doesn't get burn the bottom layer. Afterwards, what you want to do is take a plate and try to flick the egg out of the pan. Then decorate your egg with vegetables or chilly and your basically done.