Stallion Star Gazette

November 2015

Columbus Day

by Sithmi and Varsha

Columbus Day is an American holiday. It celebrates the day that Christopher Columbus landed in America on October 12,1492. Now, Columbus Day is celebrated every year on the second Monday in October. In 1937, Columbus Day became a national holiday. People celebrate this day with public ceremonies and parades. Some Americans object of Columbus Day. They think that the arrival of Columbus and other Europeans led to the mistreatment of Native Americans. Before 1971,a number of states celebrated Columbus Day on October 12.Many Latin-Americans celebrated October 12 as Dia de la Raza(Day of the Race). It honors the Spanish heritage of the people of Latin America.Ceremonies that celebrate this day include speeches, parades, and colorful fiestas.

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by Sonal

Last year I was Elsa for Halloween.What were you last year?

I know a couple of ideas for Halloween!

  • Anna

  • witch

  • ghost

  • a pilot

  • a zombie

  • Hermione

  • Elsa

Halloween has to be spooky and scary.

You have to wear costumes that are spooky!

What Were You for Halloween?

by Maddie and Shreeya

Shreya-candy corn witch

Pia-dragon princess

Archita-candy corn witch

Marie-spider witch

Anthony-Green ninja

Nicole-Egyptian princess





Mrs.Margocs -mom with candy



Mrs.Roberson-goofy person

Ashrita-Pink Butterfly



Shreeya-Aurora (from Descendants)



Soloni-little Riding Hood

Magical Forest (fiction piece)

by Akriti

“Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!” I yelled as I fell into the sky. Poof! I had landed in a forest. When I got up, I saw this flower. It was white and blue with a purple dot. Then, it started to sparkle,shimmer,and glow.After that,I heard some footsteps, so I quickly ducked behind a large tree.It was a girl. She had pretty peach skin, blue eyes,long blond hair, and a, long white dress.The thing that caught my eyes was that the girl had the same flower that was white & blue in her hair! The flower started to sparkle,shimmer,and glow like the flower on the ground . It was still on ground, now next to the girl. The girl looked down and saw the flower. She picked it up and ran away.I tried to follow her, but she was too fast.

Then, she flew up into the sky as I hung my head in shock. I tried to run among the trees and kept trying to not bump into the trees, but it didn't help. I had a backpack full of books,clothes, and snacks. Then, I thought about the flower. I wondered if the flower belonged to someone else . Someone probably died there.Soon I reached the place where the girl landed. She placed the flower where it seemed like it was a graveyard .There was more flowers and by each one. There was a rock saying year to year and a little note like “Max Willcah owner of Book Palace”. Maybe there was a world ahead of me and I could be the first person to find it! That’s when the weirdest thing happened to me ………….the girl tapped on my shoulder. She gave a warm smile and said,”Aren’t you the girl who was following me?” I shivered and almost fell over, so opened my mouth but no words came out.Then I said ”Yeah, maybe.How did you know?”The girl smiled and said “Follow me.” On the way, I asked what the girl’s name was. She said it was Abbi. Soon, we got to this place. It was beautiful, and there were pretty houses that looked like palaces. The girl Abbi pulled me towards a leafy tent that looked like a tree.The tent was soooooooo green , it almost blinded me. Anyway, when I went inside the tent thing, there were computers and people who were looking at the computers. They turned around and looked at me like if I was going to steal from them. “Hello Amy we have been watching you the whole time you were here in magic forest.’ I was creeped out that they knew my name!!

"," I demanded, to the people who were on the computers that had frightened faces.The girl Abbi said, “It’s okay. They are people like me. And, this is Amy,everyone.” “How do you know my name?” I mumbled. Abbi said, "Well this is where we find out people's names. The Leaf Room!” The people turned

back to their work. “Anyway,” said Abbi, “The computers tell what’s happening to each person in the Magic Forest and what their name is, too." I did have to go back home but one thing I didn’t realize is it was all a dream yeah thats right a dream can you believe it. Well I did have a lot of fun after the Leaf Room we went to the restaurant OMG the food was sooooooooooooooooooooooo good! One thing I’ll never forget is Abbi, and what a great time I had I had with her.If I write this story detail by detail it would overlap 20 pages really it would! I wish I had a picture of Abbi.I wish I could stay. Thank you for listening Dear Diary.

Red Ribbon Week

by Sithmi and Varsha

What is Red Ribbon Week?-

Red Ribbon Week serves as a way for communities and other people to take a stand against drug use and abuse, learning, and personal commitment to live drug free lives with the biggest goal being the creation of drug free America.

Where did Red Ribbon Week Come from?-

In 1985 a drug enforcement named Kiki was killed by drug traffickers in Mexico. After he died, people all over the country started to wear red ribbons to promote a drug free America. In 1988,Congress finally proclaimed the first National Red Ribbon Week in October. The Red Ribbon has become the symbol for the drug free America.

Mystical Map (fiction piece)

by Shreeya

One day I was walking. But then something just fell from the ceiling. It was a necklace! It glowed and made a magical sound, too. I jumped back and screamed so loud.I went outside to have a fresh air. After a hour I picked it up and put the necklace on my dresser.

When I turned around it said,”Look in the basement and look inside the old cabinet.“ I walked over to the basement, and then to the cabinet. I found a map in the cabinet.

It was a map of the city (Austin)! It had an x near a pond. I started walking outside and to the pond.When I reached there (very near 15 minutes)I looked everywhere.Then I found a necklace in the pond.

I reached for the necklace and it said for Rosy Ecord. then I asked the lady beside me , “Do you know Rosy Ecord”? “Yes,” she said, “that’s me.” Then she took the necklace.After she took the necklace she said “Goodbye”.

Painting Tips and Ideas

by Ashrita


Straight:How I like to get straight strokes is first I dip my brush in water and put my thumb under the brush and my pointer finger on top of the brush and start pinching it and slide your fingers down the brush.

Splatter:So the splatter painting is a good thing to do when you are painting the galaxy or stars.How you do splatter painting?Well, there are two ways to do it. One way: You can go to the middle of the brush and and separate the bristles and dip it in paint and dab on paper and see stars or whatever you want to think it as.The other way of doing splatter is if you have a brush with the bristles spread out you can do the SPLATTER.

If you are all bummed out and you don't know what to paint

THINK of something happy or what you like.

JOT down some ideas or think of some random topics OR paint whatever it is that you are thinking about.

Different Paintings

Marble painting, ombre, dot--they are different types of paintings.If you still have no idea, you can draw or paint a dot and see what you can make out of it. Scribble on a paper, try making a shape, photo, figure or anything you see in that scribble.

Have a brushy day!

Student Art Gallery

Smore Advice!

by The Junior Counselors

Test Taking:

  • Ways to study for a test

  1. Take some note cards and write a question on one side and the answer on the other side. Write all the questions in one color of ink and the answers another. This way, you will remember the things you studied for your test

  2. Take your notebook or wherever your information for the test is home and ask a parent to look through and ask you questions. If you get a question wrong than ask your parents to ask you that question again after a couple of questions.

  3. Have some fun and come up with some creative and interesting ways to study for a test.

Ways to be prepared for a test:

  1. Dress comfortably but make sure you are still dressed appropriate for school

  2. Sleep early the previous night so that you are fresh in the morning and ready for you test

  3. Refresh your mind

THE TEST!!!!!!!!

It is going to be fine! Just clear your mind and focus. Do your best and remember “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to TRY!!!”


Here are some questions we came across in the advice box:


2 of my best friends are fighting.They both have made their own clubs.I'm in both of their clubs.But they won't let me be in both clubs.WHAT SHOULD I DO?

Answer by Junior Counselor 1: You should tell them to stop fighting.If they don’t stop you have to tell them stop and if they are not letting you be in both of their clubs just don’t play or do anything with them till they became friends OR just do stuff they both like to do and tell them to say sorry to each other.

Answer by Junior Counselor 2: Take a break from both clubs. Play

with someone else. Tell both clubs to work it out. Be clear about how you feel and don’t take sides. I have been in many situations like this and have learned that taking sides is not the best idea.

Answer by Junior Counselor 3:You could try telling them how you feel about them. Use your words and tell them that they are giving you a hard time. If they are both arguing over you, just stop hanging out and make new friends.


My two best friends are fighting. They are both arguing over me. I don’t like it. What should I do?

- Friend Trouble

Answer by Junior Counselor 1: The best thing to do is to probably take a break from both of them and make new friends. Tell your friends how you feel about the situation. Tell them to work it out. And most of all, don’t worry you are probably going to stay friends with them anyway.

Answer by Junior Counselor 2: Sounds like you are in a confusing triangle. Be loud and clear about why you don’t want them fighting. Tell them they will have to get along or else you can’t be with them anymore.Find a different friend. Then you won’t have to be in a big mess. You will be fine.

Answer by Junior Counselor 3:Tell them to stop fighting over you and say that if they fight you are going to find a different friend OR ask them to stop fighting.Mostly tell them to compromise.


My best friend made the cut on something I NEVER get to do. Of course, I didn’t make it. How can I deal with my uncontrollable jealousy?

Answer by Junior Counselor 1: Dear Overly Jealous,

Try taking your mind of your jealousy by doing something else that you like to do.

Answer by Junior Counselor 2: Don’t think about your friend.Do something else you like. Take something else and show her that you don’t care if she gets it.

Answer by Junior Counselor 3: Don’t think about the things your friend is doing and the things about her that make you jealous.Show her off by doing a better job and be a hard worker,that will make you feel much better.