Hieroglyphic Writing

By: Cole Rainsberger

Why are they formed and written this way?

Have you ever wondered why Hieroglyphics are these types of symbols, why they are formed like this, and how they are written? The Ancient Greeks used the term hieroglyph. This meant "sacred carving" due to the fact that it described decorative characters carved on Egyptian Mountains. The system was made up of 700-800 different symbols called glyphs. Hieroglyphic writing did not include spaces or punctuation. The ancient word for hieroglyphics, literally translated as, "Language of the gods" indicates their importance. Egyptians used this type of writing to express their feelings, write messages, and communicate with each other without having to draw pictures. Hieroglyphics were made by putting phonograms at the beginning of a word, followed by an ideogram, which is called a determinative when used this way. Hopefully, you can now understand why hieroglyphics were formed and written this way.


Still wondering how they used it?

Hieroglyphics were used in a few different ways to complete tasks. First, this writing was used in scribe school. Students had to have a way to write so that they could become educated quicker and better. It took students hours to copy these symbols, and some were punished for skipping classes and not doing their work. Next, farmers used hieroglyphics to occupy themselves during their free time. Also, "scribes wrote the spells on the walls of tombs before they were carved." Then, people tended to write on the walls of pyramids. "The walls were decorated with writing and pictures that showed the pharaoh's respect for the gods and goddesses." Finally, the governments kept records their country by using hieroglyphics. As you can see, people used hieroglyphics in very effective ways.


Did they only create hieroglyphics?

Egyptians did not only use hieroglyphics. First, there was a writing involved in their generation called Hieratic. "Hieratic was a cursive form of hieroglyphics with less complicated and connected signs." Also, Demotic was developed around 660 B.C. "It was an abbreviated script with signs that did not look like the corresponding hieroglyphs." Writing with Demotic was unbelievably faster than Hieratic. Egyptians did not only use hieroglyphics.


How are we effected today?

Well, how do hieroglyphics effect us in the present day? "Hieroglyphics can be transliterated and translated today, as can hieratic. "Demotic is usually transliterated directly into the letters of the English alphabet." We would not have the same alphabet as we do today without hieroglyphics. Also, some of the texts today can be read to see how the Egyptians spoke of themselves, their gods, their history, and their culture. Finally, they have created a big tourist attraction that people pay money to see. Hieroglyphics greatly effect us today.