Anslyzing Viola

By: Austin O'Malley

She's The Man (Identity)

In the movie "She's The Man", Viola views herself in many ways. First off, she does not think of herself as a girly girl, more of a tomboy than anything else. She would rather be on the soccer field playing in dirt than wear one of the dresses her mother so desperately wants her to. When Confronted by a threat such as another girl, Viola is in no way intimidated and will fight. It can also be argued that Viola is somewhat feminist, firmly believing that girls cant beat boys and hates sexists who oppose her.

She's The Man (Gender)

How Viola experiences her gender can be taken many different routes. Again, she does not like to be perceived as the stereotypical girly girl who always has to be picture perfect, even stating she does not like the color pink. But, that does not mean she would prefer to be a boy. For example, at the fair Viola wears a red sleeveless V-neck dress only held up by two thin straps and red high heels. This is one of the few occasions wear Viola embraces the girly girl act. When she could not make the boy's soccer team, she took much pride in the end proving a girl could compete with boy's. In fact, she is very pro girl power, even dumping her then boyfriend after telling her she could not tryout for the boy's team because she was a girl.

She's The Man (Perception)

A lot of people perceive Viola in many ways throughout the movie. Her ex-boyfriend thought of her as less than and weak compared to himself and boys. But to others that know Viola, she is outgoing, outspoken, determined, and self-reliant. Many people viewed her as brave and daring after it was revealed that she pretended to be Sebastian and play on the boy's soccer team. She depended on no one but herself make the team to play against the team she hated the most and people respected her for that.

She's The Man (Similarities and Differences)

Viola and I have many differences. For one, I would never disguise myself as a girl to get my point across. I would have simply went to the school's superintendent and report the sexist coach. I also wouldn't manipulate people in the process. But, Viola and I share the same determination to prove someone wrong. Also, If there was someone I liked such as her, I would go after them as well.