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Looking out for our Buccaneers - September 2020

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Welcome Back Allatoona Buccaneers!!

Have a question? Need immediate assistance? Please email your counselor: (Last Names A - D, Chatt. Tech Dual Enrollment) (Last Names E - K, KSU Dual Enrollment) (Last Names L - Ri, Department Chair) (Last Names L - Ri, Department Chair) (Last Names Rj - Z) (Counseling Clerk) (Counseling Intern)







Please view the Dual Enrollment flyer with details as it includes the link to join the virtual summit.

9th Grade News!

Welcome to high school, Bucs! We want to make sure we give you all the information on how to be successful in high school and beyond! During the week of September 21st, we will offer 4 information sessions - Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 2 p.m. and Wednesday at 11 a.m.

We would love for all 9th grade parents and students to attend 1 session, which will be hosted by a counselor. Sign up here:

Attention 9th, 10th & 11th Students - The PSAT will be given at Allatoona this October!

The PSAT is a practice version of the SAT test that is widely used in college admissions processes across the nation. It is a great opportunity for students because:

· Taking the PSAT gives students a chance to see what the test is like before they take the real thing!

· Students can use their scores to customize a free test prep plan on Khan Academy that allows them to build on their specific strengths and remediate in areas where they struggle.

· Students have a chance to share their information with colleges and a scholarship search service if they choose to.

· The PSAT serves as the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test for students in 11th grade. Students who score extremely well may be eligible for National Merit scholarships or recognition.

o 9th and 11th graders can register to take the test on October 29th at a cost of $17. Please go to this link to register -

o 10th graders can register to take the test for free on October 14th. Please go to this link to register -

Updated SAT and ACT information!

The University System of Georgia (USG) will waive test score requirements for Spring, Summer and Fall 2021 admission due to uncertainty about the scheduling of SAT/ACT testing during the COVID-19 pandemic. This temporary adjustment will allow students to apply for Spring, Summer and Fall 2021 admission without submitting ACT or SAT scores. Students must still meet all other admission requirements. Students who have SAT/ACT scores may still submit them if they wish to.

PLEASE NOTE: The University System of Georgia does not include private colleges and universities. While many schools across the world are making SAT’s and ACT’s optional for students who apply for fall of 2021, there are still schools that require scores from one of these tests. The best thing to do is to check the website of the individual school you are applying to in order to see what their testing requirements are for fall of 2021. Also, please keep in mind that at this time, a score of 1200 on the SAT or 26 on the ACT is still required in order to earn the Zell Miller Scholarship. In addition, many scholarships will still require you to submit SAT or ACT scores. Think carefully and do your research before you make any decisions about these tests. Feel free to reach out to your counselor if you have questions!

Important Senior Information!!

August 31 – Join our counselors for the Senior Bridge Bill Video, where you and your parents can receive information about post-high school planning, including college planning and information about the college application process. This video will be posted on the Counseling website under the 12th grade section and available to watch at your convenience.

August 31 – Join our counselors to learn about Naviance and the College Application Process. In this session, our counselors will explain how to use Naviance to send transcripts and request letters of recommendation from counselors and teachers. This video will be posted on the Counseling website under the 12th grade section and available to watch at your convenience.

September 2 – Join our counselors from 1 PM to 2 PM for a Live Senior Question and Answer Session, where you can ask questions about anything related to future planning, including college application questions or anything else you need! Sign up here and we will send you a link to participate!

September 14 – Join our counselors for Getting Down to Detail: The Nuts and Bolts of the Four Year College Application (with COVID-19 update). Counselors will provide you with tips on completing college applications; including essay writing, letters of recommendation, and information about college admissions in the era of Covid-19. This video will be posted on the Counseling website under the 12th grade section and available to watch at your convenience.

September 14 – Join our counselors for What Else is Out There? Alternatives to four Year Colleges. Counselors will provide you information about two year and technical colleges as well as apprenticeships, military opportunities and more! This video will be posted on the Counseling website under the 12th grade section and available to watch at your convenience.

September 16 – Join our counselors from 11 AM to 12 PM for a live Senior Q and A on Four Year Colleges and the Application Process. Details on how to connect will be available on the counseling website under the 12th grade section soon.

September 16 – Join our counselors from 1 PM to 2 PM for a live Senior Q and A on Alternatives to Four Year Colleges. Details on how to connect will be available on the counseling website under the 12th grade section soon.

Coming in October! Virtual Financial Aid Night! Join a representative from the Georgia Student Finance Commission as he shares updates on financial aid for the school year 2021-2022. More information will be posted on the counseling website under the 12th grade section when the link is available.

Need to send a transcript?



DO NOT GOOGLE NAVIANCE! It will prevent you from accessing the secure site.

· Go to, then go to the Parents drop down. Then, Naviance (located on the far right of the drop down).


· Go to the Allatoona website at Then, Find It Fast (top right-hand corner) and choose Naviance.

If Given a Choice, Make Sure You Are Choosing to Login Using CLEVER When You Get to the Naviance Login Page.



Office 365 Username


School Computer Password


Automatically Logged In



STEP 1: Ask your parent/guardian to login to their MyPaymentsPlus account.

1. Click on the Events & Activities icon.

2. Choose Activities and Services.

3. Click on the Student’s Name.

4. Click on Transcript and complete the required form using your (student) information. You (student) should be the one to authorize the release of the transcript and not your parent.

5. Pay $2 per transcript. You will click Save, to submit your request OR Choose Another to request additional transcripts.


1. On the main page, under Favorites, choose “Colleges I’m Applying To”.

2. Click on the pink circle with the plus sign (far right-hand side).

3. Choose your college, the app type (deadline you are planning to apply by) and how you will apply (Common App, Direct to College, etc.). The app type is very important. If you don’t choose correctly, we can’t release your transcript.

4. Then choose Add Application. You will do this for each school you want to send a transcript to.

It is the Student’s Responsibility to Complete Steps 1 & 2, or your Transcript will NOT be Sent.



1. Go directly to the college’s websites to determine the type of application they require/prefer.


The Common Application (Preferred by CCSD) - Over 750 colleges & universities

Direct to Institution - Many colleges have/prefer their own application

Common Black College Application - 55 HBCU’s & 1 application fee

My Coalition Application - Over 150 colleges & universities

Note: If you are applying to multiple schools that use the same type of application (Common App, Common Black App, etc.), it is recommended that you use one of those. It will save you time.

2. Look for a check list of requirements on the college admissions page and make sure you have all the information you need to complete your application.

3. Complete the appropriate application.

4. Send your test scores to the college directly from College Board (SAT) or ACT, if required.

5. Request to send transcripts and letters of recommendation using Naviance (see steps below).



Do Not Request Letters of Rec Through the Common App!

1. Login to NAVIANCE (It won’t work if you GOOGLE Naviance!)

2. On the main page, under Favorites, choose Colleges I’m Applying To.

3. Click on the Match button at the top of the page.

4. Enter the same email address you used for your Common Application.




1. REQUIRED: Complete the Senior Self-Assessment for Recommendations in Naviance.

a. Click on About Me, then About Me Home.

b. Scroll down to Surveys and select Senior Self-Assessment for Recommendations.

c. Complete each section. This will allow your teacher/counselor to write a personalized letter of recommendation.

2. REQUIRED: Ask your parents to complete the Parent Assessment, found in the Parent Naviance Portal in the About Me section. If your parent/guardian does not know how to access Naviance, please have them email your assigned counselor and an email with login information will be sent from Naviance.

3. OPTIONAL: Upload a copy of your resume or create a resume using the Resume Builder in Naviance.


1. Complete the required documents above.

2. Indicate that your school requires a letter of recommendation/school evaluation on the transcript request form completed in MyPaymentsPlus.


1. ASK the teacher if they will write you a letter of recommendation.

a. It should be a teacher that has taught you and that you have/had a good rapport with.

b. Choose a core academic teacher (English, math, science, social studies and/or foreign language), unless you are applying to a school specifically for Fine Arts and they are requesting a letter from your fine arts teacher.

2. Login to Naviance.

3. On the Home page, go to Colleges, then Apply to College and choose Letters of Recommendation.

4. Choose Add Request

5. Then, click on the drop down and select the teacher you would like to write your letter.

6. Next, choose the school that needs the letter.

7. Include a personal note to the teacher.

8. After you have submitted your request in Naviance, follow up with the teacher a day or two later to make sure they received the electronic request. It may have gone to their junk mail.



1. Make sure you are using Google Chrome as your browser.

2. Make sure you accessed Naviance through CCSD or Allatoona’s websites, NOT Google.

3. Make sure you logged in using the Clever option on the Naviance login page.

4. Clear your browsing history.

5. If all else fails, email your assigned counselor.

Virtual College Tours

Although students may not be able to travel to colleges to check out their campuses in person, several colleges are offering virtual campus visits and live sessions with admissions counselors! Below are links to some common universities that Allatoona students apply, but feel free to search others on your own.

The University of Georgia

Kennesaw State University

Georgia Tech

Georgia State University

Auburn University

The University of South Carolina

The University of Tennessee Knoxville

Spelman College

University of West Georgia

University of North Georgia

University of Alabama

Emory University

Georgia College

Applying to College? Check out college admissions requirements!

NCAC Virtual College Fairs

Don't miss out on upcoming Virtual College Fairs!

Check out this link for more information:

Click on a date and choose "exhibitors" to see which schools will be attending.

HBCU College Fair

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Upcoming Events:

10th grade lessons/information sessions will be held the week of October 19th.

More information coming soon!

11th grade junior advisement meetings will begin the week of October 26th.

More information coming soon!