Daniel Boone

The Great Woodsman

By Miriam: History, 1/24/14

Boone, a folk hero and explorer, cleared paths, allowing the public to access the frontier.

Birth Information

Born- Nov. 2nd 1734 Reading, Pennsylvania

Father - Squire Boone Sr.

Mother- Sarah Morgan

Spouse- Rebecca Bryan 1756

He had 6 Children

Died- Sept. 26th 1820 Femme Osage Creek, Missouri

1769- Cleared the Cumberland Gap

1775- Path to Boonesboruogh, Kentucky

Cleared paths during French and Indian War

"I wouldn't give a tinker's----for a man who isn't afraid. Fear's the spice that makes it interesting to go ahead."

- Daniel Boone


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If Daniel Boone was in our class, I think Ryan would be best friends with him.