The Deans' Digest

Week of 12/14-12/18

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Last Full Week Before Break!

Believe it or not, this is the last full week of school for 2015!

We have LOTS going on this week, including the Q2 Medicaid Time Study, which begins today. NEXT Monday (12/21) we will all meet briefly in Dana's room to complete the Time Study survey as a group, after school.

Monday 12/14: "Brainstorm" PD with Dave Tulli at 3:00 in 416

Tuesday 12/15: Financial Aid Night (6:30pm)

Wednesday 12/16: Department Meetings

Thursday 12/17: Holiday Party/Yankee Swap at Ciros, upstairs. 3:00pm.

Friday 12/18: Founders Party at Trattoria Romana

Hickey's Headlines

Just a big shout out to the arts faculty for a great first arts night of 2015-2016! Kudos to Dawn, Carolyn, Jade and Jay for your leadership, guidance, direction and artistry. Thank you to Katie for supplying the entertainment in the lobby of the student's 5x5 film work. Can't wait to see what's to come for all of the arts!!!

Auditions for Three Musketeers this week. Please encourage students to participate.

On another note: we are hoping to have a winter concert in January featuring our own "Beacon's Beats" (their current name until they come up with something better) along with an appearance from the "Founders Falsettos" and maybe even the Jazz Band will be joining us! We will have the date set before the holiday break (probably before exams)


Useful, adjective :able to be used for a practical purpose or in several ways. (hmmm) "aspirin is useful for headaches" (yes it is), "a useful multipurpose tool" (just take that and run with it)

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Murphy's Memo

Financial Aid night is Tuesday Night at 6:30 p.m. All are welcome to attend.

Please remember to update grades! This our last full week before vacation hits and the students should know exactly where they stand before the break. Also, parents need a clear picture before the kids leave so work can be addressed over break if need be. If you need me to call any parents and give them a heads up about grades or worked owed let me know.