A Little Bit Scary

By William Sarigianis

You might think that a Cod Zombie is a bit scary but.....

  • He doesn't eat brains he eats spigiti.
  • He walks around and says good morning to everyone.
  • He helps people up when they fall down.

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Good Deeds

  • He helped someone up when they fell down.
  • He dosent eat brains.
  • He feeds his dog.


He has a brother, 2 sisters a mom and a dad and a dog they are all zombies and they are very nice.


  • He play die hard foot ball.
  • He plays zombie tag.
  • He also likes math.

My Monsters Favorite Things

  • He likes playing with his dog Freeky.
  • He likes to go to Hershy Park.
  • He likes to play football with his friends.