Kappa Delta Newsletter

Sept 28th, 2015

Our News For the Week:

Here is where you can find all the up to date news that Kappa Delta has to share with you! Missed meeting AND your gin doesn't work? The questions for answering minutes are below:

1. Please name 1 restaurant night opportunity for Bring It on!

2. What time should you be at the house for Big Little Reveal?

3. When are 2nd Degree Excuses due?

Please answer these completely and email them to kd.eo.secretary@gmail.com before Wednesday (Sept 30th) at 11:59.59

President: Alexa Maier

Keep up the great work with life friends :)))))

For once, I have nothing to say besides FTK & 4.0 state of mind.

-Look at the newsletter for more info about DanceBlue! Sign up for the 5K!! Today is the last day to preregister!

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Member Education: Hannah Clendenin

Hello friends!

This is going to be the most fun week ever so get ready! Reveal is on friday and it's going to be so awesome as long as everyone pays attention to the details! Continue to help your family members out so that they're not stressing. Because of scheduling, this year there is only a week between reveal and the day everyone got their littles. Make sure you are all at the house at 5:30 and ready to go. Get excited!

Recruitment: Cindy Le

None :)

Operations: Julia Maier

The chapter excellence survey needs to be completed by Friday. Everyone has to take it!


Community Service: Ashley Murphy

Hi everyone! We are eight days away from Bring It On and I hope you are as excited as I am. We have our first big restaurant night this Wednesday at McAlister's from 1pm-9pm. If you signed up to work a shift make sure you show up looking cute and ready to go! Also, we have an Insomnia Cookies Restaurant night on October 5th from 11am-3am.

Public Relations: Kate Borrelli

Sadly this is the last week of IWFM so lets make it count. Parent’s weekend RSVP’s went out if your parent did not receive one that means we have the wrong email for them. Last minute RCS soccer care packages (we have 3 players-put in whatever you would like in a care package snack wise). Let’s kill Bring It On on social media this week AND Big~Little!

Standards: Emily Paige Hall

-BIO excuses due @MIDNIGHT

-2nd Degree and Initiation excuses due October 7th

-Stay on all forms of good standing so that you can attend the Halloween Date Party!

-Go to the Homecoming events this week! :)

Secretary: Kaleigh Yurkew

PLEASE sign minutes! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. I want you all to be able to go the Halloween Date Party SO badly.

Financials: Alex Sawyer

PAY YOUR BILLS, thank you!

contact me through this email kd.eo.financials@gmail.com if you have an questions/ concerns about your bills!

Panhellenic: Lauren Johnson

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