Math About Me

by Hailey Mest

My name is Hailey Mest. I am 9 years old. my mom is 47 years old. and my dad is 49. 49x47x9. multiply. Now my old washer broke when my mom was 42. she had the washer 13 years. what was the total number? 42+13=? My dad's old dryer broke when he was 44. he had the dryer for 11 years now, subtract 44 and 11 what do you get? now my mom and dad's dog died 9 years ago. Now divide the answer from the subtraction problem and the number nine. My bedroom was made 9 years ago. now take the answer from the division problem and multiply by 9. How many hundreds is the answer. Have fun figuring my math about me problem out! Now for a bonus problem. I just hung a googol of Christmas lights? what's a googol? you figure it out. Last year was a binary year. what's a binary year? Figure that out! Try this: 44x56=X what does x mean? The probability of you getting this right. what is probability? And finally, what is the symmetry of a star? You figure it out.