Friday, November 13, 2015

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VanWeekly - Past Issues

As a reminder, you can always access past issues of the VanWeekly in case you're missing information. Just check under the tab on our website labeled: Media & Communications. There's a drop-down for the VanWeekly.

Technology Competition Liaison

It's the time of year for schools to designate a school liaison for the technology competition. Each school is in need of someone for this position. It does not have to be a Vanguard member at each school, (though Van team members would be perfect), but there does need to be one.

Vanguard - Please reach out to your principal to be sure that someone has been assigned from your school. Then, have your principal complete this form with the person's name:


November Reflection

Don't forget to share your work using our November reflection. Click on the button above.

Check Your Reflections

Curious about which reflections you need to complete? Visit the link above to find out!


Roving Reporter - Blended Learning
This week I went to Haynes Bridge MS and spoke with Vanguard member, Sandra Bennett. Sandra talks to us about Blended Learning and how she makes it work in her science classroom.


#fcsvanguard Chat Transcript - GaETC

Missed the GaETC chat hosted by Kati Searcy? Check it out at the link above!


#Personalized PD

To expose their staff to Personalized Learning, the PL team, (including Vanguardians Jessica Jackson & Hannah Rome), at Crabapple Crossing Elementary School held a Personalized Learning Simulation, modeled after the EdElements PL Simulation. They used a Thinglink to house their resources and provide staff with voice and choice in learning. Think about doing something similar in your own buildings to model best practices!

Centennial HS Learning Commons: Fall Speaker Series

METI Laura Wood has been holding a Fall Speaker Series in the Centennial HS Learning Commons. These virtual events allow students an opportunity to learn more about various careers and interact with the speakers. Check out her Smore for information on what's she's done so far!


Office 365 Webinars

If you're still trying to learn the ins and outs of Office 365, check out one of the recorded webinars that have taken place for Fulton County. Topics covered so far include OneDrive, OneNote, Sway and Office Mix.

Free Microsoft eBook Download

9 Ways OneNote Makes Lesson Planning a Breeze is a free eBook to give you tips and tricks to transform your lesson planning. Download your free copy today!

About Us

Our mission as a Vanguard team is to build the capacity of FCS educators and leaders to provide innovative instruction which meets the needs, skills and interests of all students