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Who brought Architecture to the United States in the 1930s

The people that brought architecture to the United States was Elbert Hubbard, Gustav Stickley, and Frank Lloyd Wright. They got the idea from the arts and craft movement in England. The one thing they all had in mind that everyone needed a home in the U.S.. A home in this decade was the baby cradle for a happy humanity. Elbert Hubbard

What was it

when was it popular?

It started to begin popular when the Arts and crafts movement started. Arts and Crafts movement was in the progressive era in Europe and many architects, designers, and builders became very interested in it. Men like Elbert Hubbard, Gustav Stickley, and Frank Lloyd Wright went to Europe mostly England to get some fresh new ideas for building.


Why ?


Fun facts of Architecture

The Empire Sate Building was constructed on May 3rd, 1931 in New York City.

In May 27th, 1937 the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.