Kindergarten Construction Update

Frequently Asked Questions About the Move

Classroom Update

Which classrooms will be moving to the new addition?

  • Miss Desko's Class
  • Miss Fedeli's Class
  • Mrs. Fissel's Class
  • Mrs. Henk's Class
  • Mr. Herbein's Class
  • Miss Shaffer's Class
  • Mr. Webber's Class
  • Mrs. Wynne's Class
  • Mrs. Woodward's Class will be changing location in the existing section.

Where will the library be since the modular units will be taken down?

  • The library will be in one of the rooms (Mrs. Wynne's former room) in the existing section.

Where will the students have Physical Education class?

  • PE classes will be held on the second floor of the new addition where there is a large space to accommodate the movement and activities that are in lessons.

Will classroom schedules be the same?

  • The students will have the same schedule for daily activities, library and physical education.

Playground Update

Will the students be using the current temporary playground?
  • The plan is that when we return to school on Jan. 3rd, the new playground will be used that is outside the new addition.

Will there be a black top area for students to play on in the event of snow or rain?

  • Not only will there be a black top area for students to play on, it is much bigger than the size of our former playground black top.

What precautions have been taken to keep the students safe at recess?

  • Our playground is fenced in with various gates to access in the event of an evacuation. Also, cameras will be installed to monitor the playground.

Arrival and Dismissal Update

Where will students enter the building?
  • All students will enter the building through our new entrance at the new addition. Look for the section with all the big windows.

Where should walkers be dropped off?

  • Students that walk to school or those who are dropped off in the morning will continue to follow the same routine. Please park on Norway Street and use the walking path and wait by the tent.

Where should I pick up my child that walks home or is picked up?

  • The afternoon for students walking home or being picked up will remain the same. Please park on Norway Street and use the walking path and wait by the tent.

What if I need to drop my child off or pick my child up after the arrival time or before dismissal time?

  • Parents should park in the parking lot and proceed to the new front entrance. There, you will be be buzzed into the building.

Food Services Update

Where will lunch be held since the new cafeteria/all-purpose room is under construction?
  • Lunch will be served on the second floor of the new addition in a large community room.

Will there be hot lunch choices for my child to choose from?

  • There will be hot lunch choices on 3 days of the week. Please check the menu daily to see what is being served.

Will I be able to eat lunch with my child?

  • As long as there is space, we will continue to welcome visitors at lunch.

Will my child be able to have breakfast at school?

  • Breakfast will be offered each day. It will be held in the open classroom right beside the student commons in the lobby.

Miscellaneous Questions: Whole Building

How will students travel from new addition to the existing section?

  • There is a temporary heated, enclosed walkway connecting the two sections.

How will construction impact the existing section for the remainder of the year?

  • Students and staff will no longer have access to former office, former cafeteria and other rooms leading to the former main entrance. Those sections will be under renovation. There will be a temporary wall to eliminate safety and noise concerns so that there will be minimal disruption to the educational process.

How will students be acclimated to the new addition?

  • Tours will be provided for the students during the school day. We will also teach them how the new cafeteria will work prior to their lunch period on January 3rd.

What accommodations are available for students who can not physically use the stairs?

  • There will be a fully operational elevator to use in those situations.
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