Don't Let Americans Take Mexico

Settlement of Texas

1.The Mexicans allowed the Americans to settle on their land, but the Americans wanted to have Texas for themselves, so the same thing might happen with Mexico.

2. There was a lot more Americans compared to the Mexicans, so there was many cultural differences.

3. There was also a waste of resources. The Mexicans had to set up military bases in Texas and had to have men man it.

Texas War for Independence

1. American's and Mexican's differences incite war because of their cultural differences.

2. When Texas became a part of Mexico, instead of coming up with a rational compromise, the Americans rebelled.

3. The Americans crushed the Mexicans in the war, without offering much in return after their major win, even though Mexico was a poor country.

War with Mexico/Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

1. When the Americans won the Mexican/American war, they took nearly half of Mexico for their already prosperous nation, so why should they offer them any more of their land?

2. The entire Mexican/American war was unfair, because the Mexicans were poorly armed and unprepared for a war this important.

3. History repeats itself, so if Americans buy land again near the borders, they may want to incorporate that land into the US over time, slowly diminishing the size of Mexico.

In Conclusion,

The entire Mexican/American war could have easily been prevented with the cooperaion of the Americans. The Americans went to war with the Mexicans when they knew they would win, because of their previous fighting experience in the revolutionary war and other wars. By winning an unfair battle, the Americans proved that they were willing to go to vast measures to take the Mexicans' land. If history repeats itself, then the same thing wil surely happen if the Mexicans reform the foreign land ownership laws and allow Americans to own land near the borders.