GV-NB Coronavirus Response

April 16, 2021 Updates for the District 34 Community

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Commit to Community

With almost 25% of Illinois residents (and about the same percentage of Cook County residents) fully vaccinated, hope and Spring have arrived together. That forward focus allows us to imagine summer fun that isn’t quite the same as our pre-pandemic memories of gatherings, vacations, camps and celebrations, but is so much brighter than last year.

At this time, COVID-19 cases and rates in our community are lower than late last fall, but they have been on the rise since mid-March. Hospitalizations are ticking up and, as reported by Jesse Peterson Hall, president of Glenbrook Hospital, those being admitted to the hospital are younger and sicker than in recent months.

The organizations that are part of the Glenview Northbrook Coronavirus Task Force share our community’s hope that we can continue to move to safely, in greater numbers, shop, learn, play and celebrate. We continue to follow the necessary steps within our organizations to protect the health and safety of those we serve. We ask that you commit to community, too, and join all of us in doing those things that reduce the spread of COVID-19 and move us forward:

  • Wear a mask

  • Wash your hands

  • Watch your distance

And, for all community members over age 16, please take the greatest step: get a vaccine that will protect you against COVID-19.

How to Vax

As of April 12, all Illinois residents age 16 and older are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. While an appointment may be hard to find right now, you will see more and more openings.

We encourage all community members to register with the Cook County COVID-19 Community Vaccination Program. You will receive notifications when openings become available. If you need help with the online registration, please contact the Northbrook Public Library Reference Department (847-272-4873 or reference@northbrook.info) or the Glenview Public Library Reference Desk (847-729-7500 or refdesk@glenviewpl.org).

Another resource to help you find appointments open at pharmacies across the state is Vaccine Spotter. It shows availability in real time, and is updated every minute. The Task Force website also will list resources to help you find vaccine appointments.

We’re so close, but this pandemic still poses great risks. Please commit to getting vaccinated and following CDC’s recommendations for how to protect yourself and others. When all of us, together, commit to community, we can move forward to our bright future.

Good News Stories

District 28 Music Program Receives National Recognition

Finding a way to continue music education during the pandemic is one reason why District 28's music program has received national recognition. For the fifth time, District 28 has received recognition as a Best Communities for Music Education. Read the details on their website:


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District 225

During March both Glenbrook North and local Scouts held tremendously successful food drives benefiting clients of the Northfield Township Food Pantry. The young people behind these efforts showed great creativity and commitment and their results were beyond all expectations.

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Glenview Public Library

GPL staff have been volunteering at local vaccination sites alongside Village, School and Park District staff. We are inspired to see our community agencies coming together to provide such an essential service to residents!

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District 27

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District 30

Willowbrook School second-grader Sloane Mokhtarian’s opinion article on why everyone should get the COVID-19 vaccine was also featured in Patch and the Glenview Journal.
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