Mrs. Nelson's 1st Grade News!

Week of February 1st

It is almost February!

Happy February! I hope you guys are enjoying the unseasonable warm weather, it has been great! This week is pretty busy with the activities. As always, read below for important items pertaining to this week.

On a special note... Please sign and return the "Mid Year Student Info Form" that I sent home last week if you have not already! For those that I requested a conference with, I will be sending home letters tomorrow (Wednesday) with your scheduled day and time.

~Mrs. Nelson

Important Notes For This Week!

- Please remember to look over your child's take home folder and initial nightly. :) In addition, please also take a moment to look over any papers that come home and take out anything that doesn't need to come back. :)

- Please also remember to help keep track of your kiddos reading minutes (100 per week) on their reading log each week. Remember they can read the baggy book they bring home every day as well as any other reading material. Reading to them counts as well!

- This week we will be having homework and a spelling test. Homework went home yesterday (Monday) and includes spelling, reading, and math. It is due on Friday like normal. The spelling test will be on Friday, like normal, also.

-"Graded Work"- Please look through your child's folder nightly and discuss any work that does come home. We are now at the point of writing at least 4 solid complete sentences. We are focusing on a topic sentence, 2 details, and then a closing/ending. If you notice that your child is having trouble with a specific area, please take this opportunity to discuss the work with them to have another chance to practice. :)

- Unfinished work- you may notice that your child brings home papers daily that look unfinished. If it is not marked on by me, it is likely work that is complete during our "intervention" time while they were at centers. This was not work that I graded. This is just in case you were wondering. :)

- Middle of the Year progress forms were sent home last week. Please send these back signed as soon as possible if you have not already. :)

- Baggy Books: If you notice that your child is bringing the same book home each night, or picking books that area below their level (marked on their baggy); please remind them it is their responsibility to change their books every morning. I remind them daily, but this is their task. :)

-100th day of school: a note came home about this last week. The 100th day of school is this Thursday. It will be so fun this year, your child can dress like they are 100 years old. I can't wait to see all my old "kids". :)

- Open House is Tuesday, February, 9th. Please mark your calendars as your kiddos have been hard at work showing off all of their skills on some special projects! A note will be coming home from the school with more information regarding this.

- Today (Tuesday), your child brought home a note about "Valentines Day". To summarize, there will not be a party this year. We are asking that your send 22 valentine cards and envelopes in a bag labeled with your child's name by Wednesday the 10th. Please do NOT address the cards, we will be doing this as a class activity. You may send candy items, such as suckers, etc., with the cards, but those will go home when the students take home their valentine sacks on February 12th. Please see the red note sent home today with the kiddos!

~Mrs. Nelson

What Are We Learning?

Language Arts:

* We are really hitting procedural writing hard this time of year. That means we are working on telling how to do something using transition words such as; first, next, then, finally. Please practice this skill at home by having your child sequence events, etc.

- identifying and reading high frequency words

- decoding words (we call this Chunky Monkey)

- forming letters (handwriting)

- writing legibly

- matching sounds to letters

- writing- at least 4 complete sentences (beginning, 2 details, end)

- story comprehension, story structure, and retelling a story (beginning, middle, and end), summarizing, main idea, author's purpose, retelling, and plot! We are also talking about making predictions and drawing conclusions! This week we are really focusing on characters and setting!

- review of long and short vowel sounds (a, i, o, and u) and the various spelling patterns they go with

- compound words

- sentence punctuation and capitalization

- We are really starting to "chunk" words we don't know in order to help us sound them out. This basically means we look for parts we know; word families, blends, diagraphs, etc. This is the "chunky money" strategy!

-word families: "ape" and "ale"


- Understanding and using place value (up to 120 this time) to build, discuss, compare, solve problems, etc. using place value as a tool. We will also be revisiting greater than and less than concepts.

- This week we will also touch briefly again on adding 3 numbers.

- A closer look at time, money, and graphing.

Science/Social Studies:

- We will identify and describe landforms.

- We will also study the legend of the groundhog as well as begin our unit on "American Symbols"

Spelling/Sight Words

Spelling words will continue to not follow the word family pattern that they have been. Instead, they will be a review of the common sounds and spelling patterns we have learned thus far. This week, the focus is long "o" sound spelling patterns)

Spelling Words:

1. stone

2. close

3. hole

4. stove

5. broke

6. robe

7. best

8. must

9. upon

10. once

11. until

12. them

Sight Words: (Please add these to the baggy for continued practice. :)

1. best

2. must

3. upon

4. once

5. until

6. them

Upcoming Events... please check below for due dates, etc.

Homework Due/Spelling Test

Friday, Feb. 5th, 12am

Mrs. Nelson's Classroom

Spelling, reading, and math homework due. Spelling Test

Library Day!

Tuesday, Feb. 9th, 12am

1201 Mansfield Webb Road

Arlington, TX

Please help your child remember to bring their books!

100th Day of School!

Thursday, Feb. 4th, 12am

1201 Mansfield Webb Road

Arlington, TX

Dress like you are 100 years old!

Open House

Tuesday, Feb. 9th, 12am

1201 Mansfield Webb Road

Arlington, TX

More info to come.