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This is a photo that Matthew Slaughter took while in space.

14 Year Old Teenager Travels to Space

Young extraordinary Matthew Slaughter has traveled to a place beyond Earth and may be the first teenager ever In space. He was only in space for 2 days and went on March 7th till March 8th. He took alot of pictures and videos and made experiments in space. You can see his photos and videos at When he was heading home he filmed the journey pumbling through the Earths atmosphere. He landed in Europe and was greeted by farmers and Nasa.

14 Year Old climbs Mt. Everest

The infamous Matthew Slaughter has done it again! He has climbed Mt. Everest in just 2 days! He started his journey March 10th and ended in March 12th. He put up a flag at the top of the Mtn with a picture of himself.
This is a photo of Mt. Everest.

Matthew Slaughter journeys across the whole Great Wall of China

On March 11th right after he climbed Mt. Everest. Matthew has done another cool thing. He walked across the whole length of the Great Wall of China. The wall is 13,170 miles long!
This is a picture of the Great Wall of China.
Flyer written by: Matthew Slaughter