Financial Advice for the Ages


Stage 1 High School Students

Students! Do you think that you know everything about credit/or debit cards, college loans, credit scores? If the answer is no, do not worry. We are here to help you. Keep reading and you will find out the answers of some of the most common questions students ask.

Stage 2

Attention College students do you know how to get the right sum of money to buy a car or get an educational loan? No, well then you are in luck because this flier will tell you everything you need to know to make sure that you do not get caught in a whole lot of money problem.

How to pay for bills and use a bank account regarding credit card and debt.

There are a lot of ways to pay for bills and it is in the interest of companies for you to be able to find an easy way of paying for bills. One way of paying for your bills is through a direct debit. In direct debit you allow the business to take cash from your bank account on a regular basis (usually monthly or quarterly). It can often help to spread the cost over the year, and many organizations offer discounts to people who pay with Direct Debit as they know they will be paid on time.

The other issue which can have a huge impact on the usage of bank accounts credit cards and debt. Credit card are fun to use to buy for a lot of stuff you cannot afford but you also need to remember nothing good comes without a price, the more you use a credit card for it to get over the line to the negative side, you will begin to pay huge sums of payments to the credit card company because an interest has being added to the amount you owe and as you keep on spending the higher the bill gets. Also remember never to use your credit cards to get huge amount of loans because paying back the money will take you a long for you to payback if your finances are looking bad. Use debit cards to buy stuff oor pay for bills because that will be coming from your checking account meaning you will not be owing anyone if your money is spent by you.

What to know about buying a car and getting education loans

When you are buying a car make sure you are getting the right vehicle because you could wind up with an unhappy which you have already paid for. The second step is to decide whether you want to buy a new car or used car, cars made now in the present are far better than the old one so you would probably go for the new car but makes sure you have the right information about that car. The third step would be to consider whether leasing or buying makes more sense. Leasing provides lower monthly payments than buying with an auto loan. Research everything you can about that car and make sure that it has the perfect price you can pay for or get a loan which you will be able to payback that loan. If you plan to buy with a loan check your credit union or local bank quotes online to find the lowest rates. Negotiate a lease and also negotiate the purchase. If you are able to do these things successfully you will get the car of your choice and drive off with all your worries behind you.

Financial aid can help you get the right amount of money to get into college remember not to use credit cards to get loans or to collect a huge sum of money you are not sure you will be able to payback. Follow this and you will be able to get the right amount of money you will need for college.

How to start saving and investing to increase wealth.

You can invest you money in one of the financial devices like stocks, bonds or mutual fund. Each of these devices have a special principle to help their customers have their money to increase over time. Some people put their in a savings account which they do not use for a certain time period and when they are ready to use it the amount of the money increases to the amount they were expecting. Investing in your money depends on the time and amount you want your money to be when you are ready to use it.

How to raise your credit score

You can raise and protect your credit score buy being able to pay all your bills on time to always remember never to make a payment past its due date. You need to also make sure to get a secured cared to prevent anyone from using it to destroy your reputation. Make sure to keep the credit card debt low and to also to not stay well under your credit limit.