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1) Analysis

A) Geography impacts people where they live, how they live and why people live where they do because if a crop farmer were to live in New England it would be hard for him to make a profit because our soil is more rocky and harder for crops to grow. But if he moved in the Midwest the soil would be better and he would have more time for his crops to grow. Another example would be a marine biologist to live near the ocean, so that way he's close to his job and he won't waste time going to work and back.

B) Pros and cons of globalization


My product is my sneakers, my sneakers are a pair of Nike and they were made in Vietnam. But before that they were in Taiwan, that's where the rubber came from, and the leather came from Texas. After Vietnam the shoes then traveled to Memphis, Tennessee to the distribution center and now they're on my feet. In my shoe there is the date my shoe was finally all put together, the date is 11/12/14. My shoes have been in the process of Globalization for at least two years, so this process takes time for it to go through three countries and make four stops.

Section 3

Globalization relates to me by the reasons my parents chose to live here, to the stuff I use. Before I moved to New Hampshire I used to live in Massachusetts, more specifically Boston. The main reason why my family moved was the school district, if I didn't move I would have got bused to Billerica for elementary and middle school. Another reason why my parents moved is our house was getting too small for our family which was also a major influence to my parents decision.


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